your edits weren t saved please try again instagram

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Stories Not Working

your edits were t saved please try again Instagram – Here we can see “your edits weren’t saved Instagram error”

your edits weren’t saved Instagram error

You will not be able to save your Instagram photos or videos if you attempt to edit them, such as changing the caption, tag, or caption.

One of these reasons is why you get this error.

  • The Instagram post was deleted by somebody else who had access to an equivalent Instagram account. To verify, first refresh your Instagram screen. Next, edit and save your post.
  • This Instagram post was edited and approved by someone else with the same access. Instagram account. To verify, refresh your Instagram screen. You can then edit and save your post.Most often, this is due to an Instagram post being edited by someone else. To see the most recent updates to your Instagram post, refresh your home screen and edit and save your post as often as possible.
  • Also See: Runtime Error at 38 711

Questions from the user:

1. Your edits were not saved. Please try againShadowbanning me used to apply to me because I added hashtags to many old posts in a short time span. It is considered a bot-like behavior. It was why I was banned. IIRC, it lasted two weeks.

2. You can’t edit a caption for a post
I tried to change the caption for a post with 3k likes but couldn’t. What restrictions are there for editing posts? *

3. When I try to feature a discussion on Instagram, I make a mistake.
You can add comments if you’re not ready.