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Xbox xCloud Arrives on iOS and macOS

Microsoft’s xCloud, the cloud gaming streaming component of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, is now available. It is now available for iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, and macOS. The xCloud doesn’t require a console and can be accessed through the Edge Browser or Google Chrome. Game Pass Ultimate holders have access to over 100 of their favorite games. The xCloud supports both Bluetooth and USB controllers. Access to the xCloud can be made via web-based apps, such as Safari for iOS devices. For different games, you can choose between a touch or a controller. xCloud uses a custom Xbox Series X console to stream 1080p at 60 frames per minute for those with high internet speeds.

Cloud gaming allows gamers seamless play across all of their devices. Your game will run from Xbox hardware located at a Microsoft data center, regardless of whether you stream it from your smartphone or your PC. This allows players to play with friends on the go or at home, and still have the same Xbox network.

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On its blog, the company stated that iOS and macOS gaming will be equally powerful as console games. iCloud users will experience faster loading times, higher frame rates, and a better experience. This is what makes the Xbox experience great. Gamers can make the console experience available on their everyday devices.