Windows 10 Upgrade Not Enough Disk Space

windows media creation tool, not enough space

To upgrade Windows, you will need to use the Windows Media Creation Tool. However, not enough space error could occur which can prevent you from successfully upgrading your system. You will need to fix the error to complete the upgrade process. Consider this in mind, and I would like to share some helpful methods with you.

You will need to have the installation media such as a bootable USB flash drive or bootable CD/DVD to install Windows on a computer. Microsoft makes this work simple in Windows 10. Why? This is because Windows 10 Media Creation Tool can be used to create the installation media and/or download an ISO file.

Windows Media Creation Tool Does Not Have Enough Space

  • The Media Creation Tool may display the error “Not enough space” if the available space on the target drive doesn’t allow for the file to be stored.
  • Additionally, even if there is enough disk space, Windows Media Creation will still take place.

This is why I wrote this article: To help you fix the Media Creation Tool insufficient space error.

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Media Creation Tool Error Cases

1. Media Creation Tool requires an alternate disk switch.

My POS Lenovo IdeaPad 110s-11IBR has a 32 GB SSD. Windows Update fails due to insufficient space for the v1709 package. MediaCreationTool was not able to create a flash drive for the autumn Creators edition upgrade. It requires 8GB of free space on the C. drive. How do I use the Micro SD card that has many spaces?

Case 2: Windows Media Creation Error. “There isn’t enough space on this disk.”

I get the following message when I try to run this process to create an ISO of Windows 8 Professional. Does anyone know the minimum disk space requirements for this process? I currently have 5.08GB. Thank you!

The following paragraphs will provide practical solutions for troubleshooting this error on Windows 10.

How to fix Windows 10’s Not Enough Space Error

Please contact us immediately if you find an error in Media Creation Tool while downloading Windows ISO.

Fix One: Disk Storage on C Drive is Freed Up

The following steps can be used to fix Windows Media Creation Tool’s insufficient space on C.

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  1. Click the Windows button in the lower-left corner on the Windows 10 screen.
  2. Scroll down to locate the Windows Administrative Tools folder.
  3. Expand the folder and select Disk Cleanup.
  4. In the Disk Cleanup window, select the drive that you want to clean up. (Select C because you are targeting the drive.
  5. To confirm, click on the OK button.
  6. Disk Cleanup will calculate how much space you’ll be able to free up. Wait for the process to finish.
  7. A window will appear listing all files that will be deleted. Please select the files you do not need. (Recycle Bin should be chosen and the download folder should also be selected.
  8. To confirm, click on the OK button.
  9. To permanently delete them, click the Delete Files icon
  10. Wait for the deletion process to complete.

Sometimes you will find that the files you are still using are no longer necessary. You may want to encourage them to return. Please take a look at this page for more information:

Do Two: Cleanly Install Windows OS

  1. Back up all your files to a USB drive. (MiniTool Shadow Maker)
  2. Make a USB flash drive that can be booted with Windows 10 ISO.
  3. Connect the USB bootable drive to your computer, and then reboot it.
  4. Follow the instructions to cleanly install Windows 10 on your local disk drive.