Why Does My Xbox One Controller Keep Disconnecting

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Windows 10 Where Is Edge

Microsoft Fixes That Pesky Xbox Controller Disconnection Bug

Microsoft has promised to do something, and it is currently carrying out that promise. Microsoft has fixed the annoying bug that caused the Xbox controller to become disconnected.

A while ago, we published an article in which we reported on Microsoft’s decision to fix the problems that plague the Xbox collection X controls. These problems include switches that do not respond and intermittent disconnections. However, the latter problem should no longer occur after applying the most recent patch from Microsoft, which addresses the former problem.

Microsoft’s Update for Xbox Controllers

In case you didn’t catch it the first time, we reported that Microsoft is working to fix issues with buttons that aren’t responding as well as problems with disconnections. It was unclear to us when Microsoft would address those concerns; however, it appears that the company is making progress more quickly than we had anticipated.

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An employee at Microsoft named Jason Ronald sent out a Tweet containing some very encouraging information for people who have spotty control connections:

Since the upgrade has only recently been implemented, users have not had a significant amount of time to experiment with it and identify the problems that continue to affect their controls. But let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is the last we hear of that annoying Xbox control disconnection bug.

One More Bug Squashed

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Microsoft has revealed that it will be addressing all of the issues with the Xbox collection X controller, despite the fact that very few people anticipated that they would start doing so. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Microsoft will get around to fixing the other issues that customers have discovered when utilizing the brand-new controller.

Do not be concerned in the event that the upgrade does not appear to fix the problem. Microsoft has fixed the annoying bug that caused the Xbox controller to become disconnected. You have a lot of options available to you to try and help fix the problem with the pest control