Where To Plug In Firestick On Samsung TV?

Where To Plug In Firestick On Samsung TV
Where To Plug In Firestick On Samsung TV
Where To Plug In Firestick On Samsung TV? – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

How to connect Amazon Fire Stick and Samsung TV?

Streaming video is an innovative step in the TV industry. This method of viewing content will be the dominant way to watch it for the next decade.

This market already has many competitors, including Netflix and Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime (along with many other companies).

What if your TV does not support these services? You can also access streaming services even if your TV doesn’t support them. You can use a media streaming device such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick in this case.

Amazon Fire TV Stick explained

Although this media streaming device is available for many years, not many people have heard of it. It’s not as well-known as analogs like Apple TV. It’s still a great device, and the price is reasonable if you don’t want to spend a lot.

There are three versions of Amazon Fire Stick: Standard, Lite, and 4K. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  • Amazon Fire StickThe entry-level feature set of Lite costs only $29 and includes Full HD content.
  • Amazon Fire Stick Standard: This Amazon Fire Stick is my favorite. It not only supports Full HD but also has a better remote and processor that makes it easier to use.
  • Amazon Fire Stick 4KThis device supports 4K video and has a faster processor. You can upgrade your TV to support 4K.

If you are new to streaming media devices or don’t know if they will be useful in the future, I recommend the Amazon Fire Stick Lite. It costs only $30 and will provide you with a basic understanding of their features.

It also supports voice commands, which is a great feature for such a low price.

It is important to know that the Amazon Fire Stick doesn’t only allow you to watch Amazon Prime Video. You can also view YouTube and Netflix with it.

Is your Samsung TV compatible with Amazon Fire Stick?

It is easy to do. If your Samsung TV has HDMI, it will already be compatible with Fire Stick. You will also need internet access to stream content.

An Amazon account is also required if you want to purchase the Amazon Fire Stick.

How to connect Amazon Fire Stick with your Samsung TV

You first need to connect your Samsung TV to the Amazon Fire Stick. Here are the steps:

  • You will receive a micro-USB cable with your device. Simply plug it into the port on the Fire Stick and the power adapter (pre-plugged into a wall outlet).
  • Connect the Fire Stick to the HDMI port of your Samsung TV. I recommend HDMI 1 if your TV has more than one HDMI Port.
  • Turn on your TV, and change the input channel from analog to HDMI
  • Select HDMI 1 (or any other HDMI port that you used to connect Fire Stick)
  • Wait for the Fire Stick to start

How to pair Amazon Fire Stick remote

The second step is to pair your remote with the TV. Do the following:

  • To insert the batteries into the remote control of your Fire Stick, use the included box.
  • The remote control will then automatically pair with your TV
  • To make sure, press and hold the home key.
  • You should pair the remote control with the Fire Stick.
  • To continue setting, use Play/Pause This will allow you to select your language and press OK.

How to connect Fire Stick with Wi-Fi network

During setup, you’ll see a list of Wi-Fi spots you can join. Select the one you prefer and then enter your password. Alternatively, you can use the WPS button to connect your Fire Stick to the Wi-Fi network.

How to sign in to Amazon on Fire Stick

If you purchased your Fire Stick from Amazon directly, it will be connected to the Amazon account that you used to purchase it. If you bought it at another store, simply use one of the two options available on your screen.

  • I am new to Amazon
  • Already have an Amazon account

If you don’t already have an Amazon account, the first one will work.

Fire Stick will prompt you to sign in after you have signed in. You can choose to purchase additional Amazon devices if you already have them or wish to. Yes. Fire Stick is not your only device? No.

You would also have the option to disable parental control. If you choose to allow parental controls you¬†will be prompted to create a PIN code. You can choose not to allow Parental Controls for those who don’t have children.No parental control.

That’s it! Enjoy using Amazon Fire Stick with Samsung TV.