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Google Assistant is Bringing Back ‘What’s On My Screen’

Google Assistant is one of the most powerful tools Google has ever created. At this stage, the Assistant can be relegated to long-pressing the voice or house button. For those who don’t know, long-press activity was once part of Google On Tap. This characteristic was capable of scanning everything around the display and providing contextual information. This attribute was not only accurate but also far more useful than you might think.

Google Assistant Could Be a Lot More Convenient

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This characteristic was present in Google Assistant since ” What’s on your display span-data-preserver-spaces=”true “>,” But it didn’t become a focal point for this Assistant. It is currently disappearing and reappearing on different A/B assessments. To view Google Assistant’s primary display, the “What is in My Display” option was used. It also provides information based on what is displayed on the monitor by tapping it. This makes it feel like Google wants to bring this feature back for everyone.

Based upon an APK teardown by XDA developers – it was found that the attribute could be returning.

The teardown shows how Google is drawing the newest My activities segments back to its Assistant display. Google is also looking at the “in my show” segment. It will be in the exact same section.

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You may notice that the UI is still a bit sloppy. It’s wonderful to see that Google might be introducing this attribute to Google Assistant. This attribute should be considered a full-scale attribute and not just an afterthought.

We are not certain when this attribute will make it into the final version of this Assistant due to its launch. However, we expect it to show up in one of the future upgrades.