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Alternative To Cisco Anyconnect Vpn Client Mac

How to Create a Baseline for Config Comparison in Network Configuration Manager?

Manager of Network Configuration (Network)
You can save both time and money by automating the process of configuring network devices with the help of Network Configuration Manager. In addition to creating backups, NCM also generates a baseline configuration file in order to improve network comprehension. In addition, Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor and Solarwinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) are now integrated together (NPM). Additionally, it monitors your configuration in order to notify system engineers of any unauthorized changes that may have been made.

Before continuing with this instruction, check to see that a program called Network Configuration Manager has been installed on your network. Installation is a breeze and can be done quickly thanks to the Orion Platform. After that, run the installer that can be found at the aforementioned URL. The remaining steps of the process are discussed by the installer. Continue doing what you’re doing, and you’ll soon have the program up and running in your network.

What does it mean to have a Baseline Template?

The approved configuration files, or a subset of those files, are either completely or partially defined by the baseline template. The configuration baselines analyze the configurations of other devices and notify the network managers of any differences that are found. This is helpful for the management of the network because it establishes a standard for the settings of the devices, which guarantees network compliance. When comparing updated configurations, you are able to view the differences between the two versions of the configuration file.

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Creating a Baseline

It is comprised of the following three stages:

  1. Defining the components that will comprise the baseline template.
  2. Identifying which lines should be ignored during the configuration comparison.
  3. The devices are being given their baselines.

When it comes to determining the contents of a basic template, there are three different approaches to choose from. Before you begin making any changes, you should first elevate an existing configuration to baseline status. Second, you have the option of selecting a file from your server. Third, you have the capability of generating a baseline and pasting the contents into it. Let there be no further delay in getting started. By following the steps, you can establish a baseline for comparison.

  • To elevate a configuration to the status of baseline, navigate to My Dashboards > Network Configuration > Configuration Management. After that, expand a node’s configurations by clicking on the node itself. By selecting Promote to Baseline, you are able to make any configuration your default setting.
  • You could also use a file stored on the server as a baseline. To accomplish this, go to My Dashboards and then select the Configuration Management option. Choose New Baseline from the drop-down menu in the Baseline Management tab. If you so desire, you can give the baseline a name and a description (optional). Click the Browse button after that, and then choose a file from the server.
  • Click the Paste button rather than the Browse button if you want to copy the contents of the baseline. Then select the Save option.
  • After that, choose which lines to disregard during the configuration comparison. To accomplish this, select either the “Apply global comparison criteria” or the “Choose lines to ignore” option from the drop-down menu.
  • If you choose to Apply global comparison criteria, the comparison criteria you have chosen must first be viewed and edited.
  • On the New Baseline Config screen, you can assign the device baseline settings by clicking the Assign to Nodes button at the very bottom.
  • The next step is to select the nodes and devices that will have the baseline applied to them.
  • You have the option to select which device states the baseline is compared to under the heading “Apply To.”
  • Now, to save your selections, click the Save button.
  • Click the Save button once more to save your baseline.

Editing the Baseline

Modifications can be made at any time with a baseline template that you use. To edit a baseline, head to My Dashboards, then to Network Configuration, and finally to Configuration Management. Proceed then to the Baseline Management section and select the baseline that requires an update. After that, you can change the baseline so that it better fits your needs.

User Questions:

In the context of managing a network, what exactly is the function of establishing a configuration baseline?

In order for proper configuration baselines to be constructed, there must first be a comprehensive analysis of each and every parameter. This contributes to an increased level of security. They may modify the default behavior of a device so that it assumes a more secure posture, but this is dependent on the use case.

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In the context of networking, what exactly constitutes the standard configuration?

A collection of settings that are implemented into a system before it is deemed suitable for use in a production environment is referred to as the baseline configuration. The use of baselines is a strategy that originated from administrative checklists and was developed to ensure that computer systems were set up appropriately for the task for which they were designed (or starting points).

How can I compare two different configuration files in the most effective way?

  1. To access the configuration archive, go to the main menu and select Config Management —> Config Archive.
  2. First, choose a Device Group from the menu that drops down, and then choose a device from the table that follows.
  3. You can select a pair of files by clicking the checkboxes that are located next to them.
  4. Use the Compare button to examine both choices side by side.

What exactly does it mean to say that something is a configuration baseline? Is it true that both interpretations are valid?

A configuration baseline can be thought of as either a fixed reference point in the development cycle or a specification of a product that has been agreed upon at a certain point in time. It serves as a written foundation for describing the incremental change and includes a wide range of product characteristics in its scope of coverage. As a result of this, a configuration baseline is often referred to as a baseline in general.

What exactly is a baseline configuration document, and why is its creation necessary in the first place?

Documented set of specifications for an information system, or a configuration item within an information system, that has been formally examined and agreed on at a certain time and can only be altered by making use of change control processes. These specifications can only be changed after a change control process has been completed.