What Does PC Stand For?

Windows Cannot Update Boot Configuration
Windows Cannot Update Boot Configuration

PC Definition

The abbreviation PC refers to a personal computer.

It is a generic term that can be used to refer to any type of computing equipment that is designed for regular, individual usage. Personal computers can refer to a wide variety of devices, including notebooks, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and more.

PC is an abbreviation for “personal computer,” which can refer to any type of personal computing device independent of its operating system. This includes computers that run the macOS operating system.

However, the term “PC” can also be used to refer to specific brands of products. In this discussion, a personal computer, or “PC,” refers to a device that is operating Windows, whereas a “Mac” is an Apple product that is operating macOS.

1. What does “PC” stand for in this acronym?

Personal computer
PC is an acronym that is commonly used to refer to a personal computer. PCs are typically thought of as having the Windows operating system, as opposed to Mac OS X or Linux, however the term PC can also be used interchangeably.


I used to purchase mainly PCs, but now days I find myself gravitating more toward Apple products.
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PEBKAC –  There is a problem between the chair and the keyboard.
PEBCAC – There is a problem between the chair and the computer.
hw – Hardware OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
PNP – Plug and Play sysadmin
System administrator RTFM – Learn the f***ing operating instructions.
LAN abbreviation for “local area network” – Disconnect
BFU – Bezny Franta uzivatel


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2. Can you explain what “PC” stands for?

Performer characterization
PCs, often known as player characters, are the in-game avatars that players take control of in role-playing games (RPGs) and video games. For instance, in the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, each player is responsible for creating and controlling their very own, one-of-a-kind player character. These player characters (PCs) engage in conversation with one another, the fantasy world, and the non-player characters (NPCs) that the Dungeon Master (DM) creates for the game.

Another illustration of this may be found in the Pokémon video game franchise, in which players take control of a character whose goal is to become the most skilled Pokémon trainer in the world. This largely quiet character is also a playable character in the game, and they interact with a number of non-player characters that are controlled by the game.

The phrase “player character” (PC) is most commonly used to refer to characters that are played in role-playing games (RPGs), but in a strict sense, “player character” can refer to any character in a game that is controlled by a player. PCs are a term that gamers of League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Street Fighter could use to refer to the characters they control in their games.


My character has incredible offensive and defensive capabilities. We are going to eliminate that boss in a very short amount of time.
A Player Character within World of Warcraft

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MMORPG  – Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game RPG

D&D is a fantasy-themed, massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Dungeons & Dragons is an RPG.
RP Roleplay \sLARP
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3. What does the abbreviation PC stand for?

Regarding political correctness
An abbreviation for things that are said or done with the goal of minimising offensiveness, but occasionally end up being kind of absurd in the process, such as naming a person who collects rubbish a “garbologist” or a “sanitation engineer.”


These days, everything is way too politically correct. People simply need to mature into their roles.

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WADR is a related acronym.
With the utmost deference,
Regarding Diss (WRT), with regard to
Disrespect \sDis Disrespect \sNSFW
It is not safe to work here.


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