What Does a Shakedown do in Fortnite

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Season 8 of Fortnite: How to Shakedown Opponents (Easy Method)

Fortnite players have been tasked with shaking down two of their opponents as part of one of The Cube Queen’s objectives this week. Listed below are some tips on how to complete this objective as swiftly as possible.

The Halloween event that Fortnite is hosting this year is still going strong, and it has weekly punchcard objectives with a scary theme, decorations on the island where the battle royale takes place, and more. The Cube Queen is the one who is responsible for the introduction of this week’s new questline, which consists of a number of side quests that players can do to earn bonus experience points. One of the challenges in Fortnite requires players to perform a double shakedown on an other player. There is a technique to complete this activity more quickly, despite the fact that it could appear to be a chore that requires a lot of time.

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In Fortnite, how to Shakedown Opponents

If a player in Fortnite manages to shoot an opposing player, that person will fall to the ground and become vulnerable to further assault until they are ultimately eliminated. However, a player can approach an opponent who has fallen and press a button to perform a shakedown on them. The gamer will be able to gain temporary insight into the whereabouts of the fallen player’s teammates as a result of this action. This tactic is equally effective against AI enemies in Fortnite, such as the IO guards, and it is at this point that the straightforward method for fulfilling the Cube Queen’s task comes into play.

There is a simple strategy that may be used in Fortnite to eliminate two of your opponents.
It is possible to take out other players during a match by shooting them down and then shaking them down, but it is far simpler to take out some of the IO guards that are spread over the map. There is typically no need for players to be terrified of them because they can be easily eliminated with the armament they are equipped with. Shakedowns of IO guards will still count toward completion of the objective, therefore there is no need for players to be concerned about finding human opponents.

In Fortnite, there’s an easy way to take out two opponents.

Although IO guards can be discovered in a variety of locations, Catty Corner is an excellent location to look for a large number of them. The players will come upon an IO-guarded base if they travel to the southeast of the point of interest that was specified. Ruff up one of the security personnel and then shoot one of them. It is possible that before finishing a shakedown, it would be good to pick up an opponent and bring them to a safe location. This is because the other guards may start fire, which would disrupt the quest.

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Players will have finished the mission once they have completed two shakedowns, at which point they will move on to the subsequent challenges presented by the Cube Queen.