This Page Isn t Eligable To Have A Username

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This page is not eligible to have a username facebook

Your Page can be easily tagged by other Facebook users through a Facebook @username. It also gives the Page a great URL speech with no numbers added at the end.

It is possible to change a Facebook Business Page @username, as we have found.

It is common to make the mistake of thinking that “This page is not available to really have a username.”

The solution is:

Step 1: It is easiest to add a friend of your admin to the Facebook page and have them give you the username. It worked for us with a few friends. My mum worked out a deal.

Step 2: Go to Settings, then click on Page Roles.

This page does not qualify for username Facebook. In the text box below “Publish A New Page Function”, type the title and email address of the person you wish to grant admin rights to. Click Editor, switch to Admin and click Insert. You will receive a notification to let the person you have assigned that they have been granted admin rights.

Step 4: In case you have the login information for the person you’ve delegated to, log in from Facebook. Then register as them. Send the instructions from Measure 05 to the person you have delegated in order for them to change the Page username.

Step 5: Click the arrow in the upper menu bar and then, below “Your Own Pages,” select the WebpageWebpage you are interested in.

Step 06Click around and click on Generate Page @username

Step 7: Enter the username that you want. If it is accessible, the business/page title. Each Page has a unique @username so that other Facebook users can easily label it.

Step 08 – Click creates a username. Done! Don’t forget to delete this admin account from the Page until you log off. If Facebook still says that the webpage isn’t qualified to have a username, you can try another friend’s account by adding them as an administrator.