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Task View History Windows 10 -Here we can see, “Windows 10 Sends Your Activity History to Microsoft, Even if You Tell It Not To”

How to stop Windows 10 from sending activity history to Microsoft

Windows 10 tracks the apps and websites you visit and sends this information directly to Microsoft. You’ll find below steps to stop Windows 10 from sending Activity history to Microsoft.

Stop Windows 10 from sending activity history to Microsoft

Microsoft is open about Windows 10’s Data Collection feature. It allows you to view, clear, and disable Activity History using your “Privacy Settings” on your computer.

Many users were shocked to discover that their Activity History was still being collected even though they had disabled the Privacy Settings option.

This issue was discussed recently on Reddit. You can confirm that the problem still exists by going to Settings > Privacy > Activity history and disabling “Let Windows steal my activities from this computer.”

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Scroll down to the Privacy Dashboard link after you have disabled the collection of activity data.

This will take you to Microsoft’s Privacy Dashboard page. Here you’ll be prompted for your Microsoft Account login.

After logging in, click Privacy > Activity History to view a list of all Apps that you have installed on your computer.

Hence, we provide below the steps to disable other settings on the Privacy screen to Stop Windows 10 from sending your Activity History to Microsoft.

Steps to stop Windows 10 from sending activity history to Microsoft

A possible reason for Windows 10 sending activity History to Microsoft, even after disabling the choice in Privacy Settings, might be to send activity data being enabled in the “Feedback & Diagnostics” option.

1. 1. Click on the Start Button > Settings Icon.

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3. Click on Privacy in the side menu to select the essential option.

Selecting the “Basic” option doesn’t send information about Apps and Programs that you open on your computer to Microsoft. It sends only the basic information necessary to keep Windows up on your computer.

4. Next, navigate to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Feedback to turn OFF Send inking or typing data to Microsoft.

5. Switch off the “Let Windows Collect My Activities from This PC” option by going to Settings > Privacy > Activity history

If you are still worried, you can change the registry settings to disable Telemetry or data collection on Windows 10.