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Why Chrome Has So Many Processes
Why Chrome Has So Many Processes

How to Use Old Windows XP Style ALT + TAB on Windows 10

If you want to open the task switcher on Windows 10, use the keyboard shortcut “Alt + Tab.” This will allow you to view and switch between the two most recent applications or the other task that is running. To open the task switcher, press and hold the “Alt” key and use the “Tab” key to cycle through the available options.

You can still make a change in the Registry to bring back the old task switcher that only included the icon and name of the app even though Windows 10’s new interface provides large thumbnails along with a live preview for each app that is running on the operating system. This is possible despite the fact that the new interface for Windows 10 includes these features.

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In this tutorial for Windows 10, we will walk you through the steps necessary to change the system settings in order to restore the “Alt + Tab” interface and modify applications in the same manner that you most likely did in the past, i.e. without the use of fancy graphics or thumbnails.

How to make the old “Alt + Tab” keyboard shortcut work using Registry

Follow these steps in order to enable the classic Alt + Tab style of keyboard shortcut on Windows 10:

Caution: this message serves as a friendly reminder that making changes to the Registry can be dangerous. If you do not roll in the hay in the correct manner, you could end up causing irreparable damage to your installation. As a result, before continuing, we strongly advise that you create a full backup of your computer.

1. Open Start.

2. Simply conducting a search for “regedit” and selecting the top result will open the Registry.

3. Navigate to the following location:

HKEY CURRENT USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer

A helpful hint: If you want to quickly jump to the key destination in the Registry on Windows 10, simply copy and paste the trail into the address bar of the Registry.

4. Simply right-click the Explorer (folder) key, choose the New menu option, and then click on the DWORD (32-bit) Value option.

5. Enter the key’s name, which should be AltTabSettings, and then press Enter.

6. To change the value of the newly created DWORD, double-click on it and change it from 0 to 1.

7. To continue, select the OK button.

8. You should restart your computer now.

After you have finished these steps, you will be able to modify running applications by using the legacy interface by using the keyboard shortcut Alt + Tab.

You can always revert the changes by following equivalent instructions if you would like the stylish task switcher to return. However, on step No. 8, change the DWORD value from 1 to 0, or delete the Alt+Tab Settings key, and then restart your computer after making either of these changes.

Error with the WindowsStore.admx file in the local group policy editor can also be found here.

User Questions:

How do I get the old-school icons for the alt-tab bar in Windows 10?

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY CURRENT USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorer]… has been successful up until this point.

Why does this happen when I use alt-tab in Windows?

Windows 10 — Reddit.

The vast majority of the time, it performs exactly as anticipated; on the occasions when it does not, this is most likely due to the slow response time of your app. Take, for instance, how Unity’s response time can be sluggish at times…

Shortcuts for the Windows Keyboard That Are Actually Useful

Open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc; open the run dialog and skip to the next (or previous) form field by pressing Windows Key + R; switch windows by pressing Alt + (shift +) tab; and so on.

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