Task Scheduler Service is Not Available Windows 10

Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol On Or Off
Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol On Or Off

Task Scheduler service is not available. Task Scheduler will attempt to reconnect to it.

“The Task Scheduler service is not available,” we can notice in this section. This will cause Task Scheduler to attempt to reconnect with it.”

The Task Scheduler, like many other components of Windows 10, is plagued by a slew of difficulties and problems, some of which are more serious than others. One such issue is that impacted customers receive the following error notice everytime they attempt to open Task Scheduler for the first time:

“The Task Scheduler service is not accessible at this time.” Task Scheduler, on the other hand, will make a strategy to reconnect to it.”

Dismissing this error notice by closing it or clicking on OK leads it to reappear, at which point the Task Scheduler becomes unresponsive and cannot even be dismissed using the normal methods of dismissing programmes and windows. When the Task Scheduler receives this information, the only way for impacted users to terminate it is to kill it through the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc). It has been hypothesised by the majority of individuals that this problem is caused by a corruption of some registry values related to the Task Scheduler. While this is quite likely to be the case, the cause of the problem has not yet been identified and is therefore not yet known.

Fortunately, though, it is entirely possible to resolve this issue in the future. For Windows 10 customers who have experienced this problem in the past, there are two options available to them to try in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. The following are the two most effective remedies to the current problem:

Solution 1: Perform a repair install of Windows 10

  1. Check out this related article: How to Run.MSC Files as an Administrator. One option is to run a Windows 10 repair installation.
  2. A Windows 10 repair installation is substantially the same as a Windows 10 upgrade installation. While designed to correct issues with Windows 10, this procedure can be carried out while keeping all data and programmes on a computer unaffected by the procedure. When performing a repair install of Windows 10, it is common to use a Windows 10 ISO image, or a USB or DVD that has had a Windows 10 ISO image burned onto it.
  3. The Media Creation Tool, on the other hand, is the most convenient method of performing a repair installation of Windows 10. In order to execute a Windows 10 repair installation, you should try the following steps:
  4. Make certain that you are logged in as an Administrator account and that you have uninstalled any and all third-party antivirus and computer security products that you may have installed.
  5. To get the Media Creation Tool from the official Microsoft website, navigate to this page and click on the Download tool button.
  6. The Media Creation Tool should be launched after it has been downloaded. To do so, navigate to the directory in which it has been saved and double-click on it to start it.
  7. If you are prompted by UAC (User Access Control), select Yes or enter the password for the account you are currently connected into – whatever is necessary to continue.
  8. To agree to the terms of Windows 10’s licence agreement, select Accept.
  9. On the following screen, select Upgrade this PC now and then press the Next button to proceed.
  10. It is now necessary for you to allow the Media Creation Tool to begin downloading Windows 10.
  11. Once the Media Creation Tool has completed the download of Windows 10, it will begin preparing the installation files and, as a result, the computer for the in-place upgrade, so making the repair install more convenient and efficient.
  12. If there are any critical updates available for your computer, you’ll be notified about them on the following screen, which you can dismiss. Nonetheless, you’ll choose to forego the downloading and installation of the relevant updates (since they will be downloaded and installed later via Windows Update, it may be better for you to choose this option). Updates should be downloaded and installed (this is suggested), and the checkbox beside I would like to participate in making the Windows installation better should be selected before clicking on Next.
  13. The Media Creation Tool will immediately begin the process of preparing everything for the upgrade. Now is the time to be patient.
  14. You will once again be presented with a set of licence terms. To agree to them, click on the Accept button.
  15. When you run the Media Creation Tool, it will certify that your computer is ready to receive the upgrade (it has enough free disc space, for example). Just sit back and wait for things to happen.
  16. Once this is completed, the Media Creation Tool will display the option to install the file. At this point, confirm that the Media Creation Tool will be preserving all of your data and applications by clicking on Change what to keep, ensuring that Keep personal files and apps is selected, and then clicking on Next to begin the repair
  17. installation of Windows 10. Once the repair installation of Windows 10 has begun, click on Finish to close the window.
  18. Starting now, the in-place upgrade for Windows 10 will be performed. So sit back and relax while you wait for the repair and installation to be done successfully.
  19. When the repair installation is complete, you’ll be greeted by a screen stating that you have been welcomed back. At this point, click on the Next button.
  20. On the next few panels, fine-tune your Personalization, Location, Browser and protection, as well as
  21. Connectivity and error reporting preferences, then click on Next when you’re finished.
  22. On the New programmes for the new Windows page, select Next from the drop-down menu.
  23. You will now be greeted by the Windows 10 login screen, as shown below. Once there, log into your account and, if necessary, make any necessary adjustments to the time and date settings.
  24. To determine whether or not the problem has been resolved, start the Task Scheduler and review the results.

Solution 2: Use Tweaking.com’s repair tool to repair this problem

If you weren’t able to resolve this issue using Solution 1, you might be able to do so with the help of Tweaking.com’s repair tool – a repair application designed to resolve a wide range of Windows 10 issues, particularly those involving the Registry.

  1. Visit this page to download either a mobile version of the repair utility or an installation from one of the download mirrors that are currently available. Please download the repair tool from the com mirror (it is recommended that you do so).
  2. Apply a compression programme such as WinRAR to uncompress the ZIP file containing the repair utility and save the results.
  3. After the.ZIP file has been unzipped, navigate to the folder that has been created.
  4. Repair Windows will be launched if you double-click on the appliance (.EXE file) that has been designated
  5. Repair Windows.
  6. If you believe that Step 1 (a total power reset) will be beneficial, go ahead and do it.
  7. Steps 2, 3, and 4 can (and should) be skipped if you so want.
  8. When you complete Step 5, make sure to create backups of both the Registry and your entire system.
  9. Once Step 5 has been successfully completed, navigate to the Repairs tab and click on Open Repairs to begin the repair process.
  10. Then, in the new window that appears, choose all – yes, ALL – of the repairs from the list by checking the checkboxes underneath them. Once all of the repairs have been selected, click on the Start Repairs button to
  11. begin the process. As soon as the repairs have begun, wait until they have all been completed successfully before restarting your computer and launching the Task Manager after it has booted up to determine whether or not the problem has been resolved.
  12. Take a look at these more resources: What happens to a BitLocker encrypted partition when your operating system partition is formatted?

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