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What Time Do Mutual Funds Update?
What Time Do Mutual Funds Update?

The Surface Duo Gets a UK Release Date and a Price Drop

The two-screen marvel created by Microsoft is now available for the low, low price of $999.

The release of Microsoft’s Surface Duo was not met with such an incredible reception, but it appears that the company is eager to form better first impressions in countries other than the United States. Not only is the price of the Surface Duo being reduced by the company, but there is also now an official release date for the product in the market of the United Kingdom.

The Finishing Touches Applied by Microsoft to Its Surface Duo Preparations Abroad

This piece of news comes from Thurrott and involves us. If you can recall, reviews of the Surface Duo were generally negative when it was first introduced to the market. One of the most important aspects was how unstable the Duo’s operating system was, but another was how eye-poppingly expensive it was at $1399.99.

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Microsoft has been diligently working to fix the primary problems that reviewers discovered, but its high tag has remained in the same place as it had been before. However, Microsoft will soon be able to reduce the price of the Surface Duo by a significant amount, bringing it down to $999.99.

This drop is probably happening in preparation for its release in other countries, as critics all over the world get ready to dissect the Surface Duo millimeter by millimeter. The dual-screened marvel could still end up making a favorable impression in foreign markets if the price point is lowered and recent fixes are implemented into the operating system of the Surface Duo.

Microsoft has also confirmed the date that fans in the United Kingdom will be able to test out the Surface Duo for themselves. Keep a close eye on the sales that take place at electronic goods stores on February 18, 2021, if you are located in the UK.

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Microsoft’s International Ambitions: Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Even though the Surface Duo had a hard time making a good impression in the United States, there is still reason to be optimistic about its prospects in other countries. When you consider all of the improvements that have been made to the operating system of the Surface Duo in conjunction with this price reduction, you might find that the other option is preferable.

Microsoft has recently released some stability updates in order to iron out any remaining bugs in preparation for the Surface Duo’s debut on the international market. If you are interested in learning what quiet patches Microsoft has pushed for the Surface Duo, continue reading.