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Safe Search Won’t Turn Off in Microsoft Edge and IE

The message “Safe Search Won’t Turn Off in Microsoft Edge and IE” is displayed here for our perusal.

Safe Search eliminates inappropriate content from the search results. Internet Explorer’s Safe Search feature, which had previously been easy to disable or enable, behaves differently by default after being updated to Windows 10.

Because of a glitch, a particular type of kid account, or a setting in the browser, certain users are unable to turn off Safe Search. Users who are unable to disable SafeSearch will most frequently receive the following error message:

Because your browser requested a more secure surfing experience, we made the SafeSearch settings as strict as possible.

Some customers have reached out to us, questioning why they are unable to off Safe Search in Internet Explorer or Edge. When this occurs, the user is unable to deactivate Safe for Bing, Google, or Yahoo search results. YouTube and a few other content websites are included in this category.

The majority of Edge’s users believe that an internal bug or the fact that their current account is configured as a child account with restricted capabilities is the root of this problem.

The instructions in this page will show you how to turn off Safe Search in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Please follow the actions that are mentioned below in the order that they are presented until you find a solution to the problem with Safe Search.

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Method 1: Disable Safe Search in the Search Engine’s Options

Check to see if you’re trying to disable the SafeSearch feature of Bing from the correct option before we go any further with this conversation. Because your web browser is no longer responsible for controlling SafeSearch, you will need to go to the homepage of the search engine in order to disable or enable it.

If you would rather use an other search engine, please follow the instructions provided by that engine.

The following is the procedure to follow in order to activate or deactivate Bing SafeSearch when using the Bing search engine:

Open Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge and go to
First, ensure that you are logged in, then click the action button (located in the top right corner), and last, select Settings.
Turn off SafeSearch by going into the Settings menu of Bing and selecting the Search option.
Once you have finished making changes, you may check to see if Safe Search has been turned off in Bing.
The following is the procedure to deactivate Google’s Safe Search:

Launch Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, then go to Google and start searching.
Search the internet after logging in with your Google account.
You can disable SafeSearch by selecting Settings from the menu that appears above the search results.
If this approach is unsuccessful, you should go on to the next one.

Method 2: Install all Windows updates

If the first method is unsuccessful, you should eliminate the possibility of an internal issue. The issue where users of Windows 10 are unable to disable the Safe search feature has already been remedied by a few hotfixes.

In the event that you are unable to off Safe Search in Windows 10 owing to a bug, the issue can be remedied by applying all available updates. Here’s how to install all of the available updates for Windows:

Simply press the Windows key and the R key to launch an application. To enter the Windows Update tab in the Settings menu, press the Enter key on your keyboard.
Click the Check for updates button located on the Windows Update screen, and then wait for the results.
When Windows has determined which updates need to be installed and in what order, you should begin to follow the on-screen instructions and proceed with the installation. It’s possible that your computer will require many restarts depending on the number of updates that are still pending.
After each startup, navigate to the Windows Update screen and install any updates that are still outstanding.
Restart after installing all updates. Try turning off Safe Search the next time the programme starts up. Try the following method if the functionality does not stop working even after you apply it.
Disabling Safe Search with the use of the InPrivate mode is the third method.
They did this by switching to the InPrivate mode on their devices. You can attempt to change the Safe Search setting from the InPrivate mode of the Edge browser if it is currently set to either the Strict or Moderate level.

Method 3: Disabling Safe Search via the InPrivate mode

Disabling Safe Search in an InPrivate window of Microsoft Edge can be accomplished as follows:

In Microsoft Edge, pressing Ctrl, Shift, and P simultaneously will open an InPrivate window.
You can disable Safe Search by following Method 1 again, after which you should go to the search engine of your choice (while in an InPrivate window).
The last option should be utilised in the event that disabling Safe Search from within an InPrivate window does not produce the desired results.
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Method 4: New Windows user account

By creating a new user account in Windows, some users have been able to circumvent the Safe Search restrictions. If the active account is a child of another, Windows 10 will ignore the Safe Search settings that have been applied to the search engines.

In this particular scenario, a new user account with administrator privileges should be created. Here’s a simple guide:

Pressing the Windows key in combination with the R key will open a new Run box. Then press the Enter key after typing “netplwiz” to open the User Accounts.
After expanding the Users tab, select the Add button to continue.
Click the Sign in without a Microsoft account option in order to continue.
After that, choose Local Account, and after that, click Next.
To complete the process, enter your user name and password once more, then click the Next button.
Sign back into your newly created user account once you have either logged out or restarted your computer to check and see whether the problem with Safe Search has been fixed.

User Questions:

Why won’t SafeSearch just disappear already?
If you are unable to disable SafeSearch by following the instructions provided, you can try one of the following quick fixes: It’s possible that you were using a “safe” network, such the one at your school or workplace, which had SafeSearch activated by policy.

How can I disable the SafeSearch feature?
Launch Google.
Pick General.
To disable this, you will need to turn off the SafeSearch filter.
Google Re-enable SafeSearch on your Android smartphone by tapping the SafeSearch filter toggle once more.
Why does SafeSearch remain activated at all times?
It’s possible that SafeSearch has been turned off on your account, device, or by the administrator of your network. A helpful hint: When searching on Google, sign in to your Google Account so that you may access your previously saved SafeSearch settings.

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How can I turn off the Windows SafeSearch feature?
In the Settings menu, select the Search symbol with a click or tap.
Click the Permissions & History tab on the left, and then on the right, decide whether you want the SafeSearch setting to be Strict, Moderate (the default), or Off.
After that, you are free to exit the Settings menu.
Avoid using SafeSearch –
Visit the search engine that you are trying to avoid using. Simply select the “Advanced Search” option. Find the area labelled “Safe Search.” Use this button to turn off the safe search filter, or choose not to use it at all. When it comes to certain search engines, “Advanced Search” has been replaced by “Preferences.”