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Reliance AGM 2021: How to Watch, What to Expect

Today is the much-anticipated Reliance annual general assembly (AGM). Reliance’s 2021 AGM is expected to include a 5G rollout announcement and affordable laptops. Reliance is known for its focus on gaming-related details at its AGM. We’ve seen this in the past. It’s worth watching, even though there isn’t much information from the gaming or esports divisions. Reliance Jio’s cloud gaming plans, especially after recent comments by company officials, are far more advanced than you might think.

Here are some facts about Reliance AGM 2020.

How to Watch Reliance’s AGM 2021

Reliance AGM 2021 will take place on Midsummer Day 2021 at 2 pm IST. It’ll be streamed live via JioMeet to Reliance shareholders. You can also watch the Livestream on YouTube.

Reliance A.I. 2021: What Can You Expect?

Jio 5G Network Launch Announcement

Reliance Jio will announce plans for the 5G rollout at the AGM 2021, according to predictions. Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani previously stated that Jio 5G rollout will begin in the second half of 2021. This suggests that the official announcement will take place at the annual general meetings. Reliance has teamed with Qualcomm to test its 5G network before the public rollout. Jio could announce details on the 5G launch date, plans, and more.

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Jio 5G Phone

Reliance could launch its affordable smartphone at the annual general meeting. Livemint reported that the company is launching the new smartphone with Google in partnership. Google has already invested Rs. For a 7.7% share in Jio, 33,737 crore. Google and Jio are also working on JioOS, a replacement Android-based operating system that is intended for entry-level smartphones.


Reliance will announce an upgrade today, as JioPhone’s replacement model is not available in 2020. Reliance, following Times of India’s annual financial report 2020-2021, revealed that JioPhone had “upgraded more than 100 million users” since its 2017 launch.


Reliance AGM 2021 will be a time when the company is expected to reveal details about its budget laptop, which is rumored by being called JioBook. It could be compatible with Android-based JioOS, and provide 4G LTE connectivity.

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These plans will be announced by the corporate at Reliance Annual General Meeting 2021. They may also announce JioFiber and Jio Mobile plans.