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How to Blur a Section of a Picture in Paint 3D

Sometimes you might want to blur parts of a photo to hide details. Although powerful image editing tools are capable of doing the same, choosing the right one for you and your preferences is often difficult. Microsoft’s new Paint 3D is capable of blurring a small area of an image on your Windows desktop and laptop. It’s not easy, but we can help.

Paint 3D is almost identical to MS Paint in that it doesn’t offer a blur option. Although the process can be difficult, there are some workarounds. Paint 3D can be used to blur images, add objects, and even the background.

Let’s check the varied methods to pixelate or blur a neighborhood of a photograph in Paint 3D on Windows 10.


This will allow you to choose the world you wish to blur. Next, reduce its size as much as you can. After that, you can increase the dimensions to fit the first area. The blurred area will be the selected part of the image.

These are the steps:

Step 1 Open the image by opening the Paint 3D app for Windows 10 and launch it.

Step 2 Click the Select tool located under the Brushes Tab.

Step 3 Select the area you wish to blur. As an example, in the following image, I would like the toy to be blurred.

Step 4 Drag the box to the right of the selection box. It should be very small. Keep in mind, however, that it should only be small enough to allow you to resize it.

Click anywhere in the image. The rest of the image will become white.

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Step 5: Select your world to resize. Check that you don’t include any white space in the rest of the area.

Instead of decreasing its dimensions, you can increase its size by using the bottom-right corner to accommodate the white area.

Step 6 Click anywhere in the image. You have now prepared your picture with the blurred portion.


This method blurs the area of the image by using pixels from the surrounding area. This method has the advantage that the final image will look less edited or tacky than the previous one. You can also remove text and objects if you do it properly.

These are the steps to do the same:

Step 1Paint 3D App – Open your image.

Step 2 Select an area on either the right or left of the world that you wish to blur or hide with the Select tool. In the screenshot below, I want to cover the text “M Voda added You”.

Step 3 Drag the center box towards the area you wish to cover. Next, adjust the size and position of the other boxes.

Step 4 Click anywhere you want to use it. This is how the final image will look as if.


This method uses the amazing Magic Select tool of Paint 3D to blur some of the images. We’ll first pick the area using the Magic Select tool, then we will fill the background with it.

These are the steps:

Step 1Paint 3D allows you to open your image.

Step 2 Click the Magic Select tool under the Brushes options.

Step 3 – A box appears on your image. Select the area you wish to blur using the small selection boxes. As an example, I would like the monkey to be blurred in the following image. Click on Next on the right side.

Step 4 If the automatic selection was not perfect, you can refine your choice using the Add or Take buttons. Check that the Autofill background has been selected. Hit Done.

Step 5:You’ll see new icons surrounding your chosen image.

Use the Delete key to delete. This will erase the area you have chosen and create a blurred background. It looks almost exactly like your original image.

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We recommend downloading a picture editor that allows you to blur multiple images. It is very easy to do this. Free tools such as PicsArt, GIMP, PicsArt, and PhotoScape will be available. For just one occasion or casual usage, the Paint 3D should serve you fine.