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OneDrive Java Script Error on Windows 10

The message “OneDrive Java Script Error on Windows 10” can be seen here.

Windows 10 – the latest and greatest generation of the Windows operating system – includes an integrated OneDrive programme that allows users to access their OneDrive storage spaces and OneDrive accounts from any computer running the operating system. The OneDrive app, like many other components of Windows 10, is far from perfect, as evidenced by its numerous flaws. For example, one of the most frequently seen issues on the OneDrive app is a script error that appears in the manner depicted in the figure below.

The script problem causes the onboard OneDrive programme that comes with Windows 10 to become inoperable, which can not only be a waste of resources but also be quite frustrating because the average Windows 10 user soon becomes accustomed to the onboard OneDrive app’s functionality. On Windows 10, a script error is frequently encountered within the OneDrive application, primarily as a result of dragging with the OneDrive application’s JavaScript or VBScript code. Problems with an application’s JavaScript or VBScript code can be caused by a variety of factors, including genuine code-related issues or issues with the application’s internet connection.

In the event that you are experiencing a script error within the OneDrive application on Windows 10, the following are the two most effective techniques that you can employ to resolve the problem:

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It is necessary to have Active Scripting enabled on your computer in order for the JavaScript and VBScript code in the OneDrive application to function properly. When Active Scripting is turned off, the OneDrive application may experience a script problem.

To open a Run window, press the Windows logo key plus R at the same time. For example, you may put “inetcpl.cpl” into the Run dialogue box and press the Enter key to start the programme.
When the web Options dialogue box displays, navigate to the security section of the page. Select Custom level… from the drop-down menu.

Solution 1: confirm that Active Scripting is enabled

Locate the Scripting section within the windows that appear and make sure that the Active Scripting option is activated during this section of the installation. If Active Scripting is currently disabled, activate it and select Yes when prompted whether you want to change the settings for this zone when prompted.
Click on the OK button to restart your computer.
You should not encounter a script error while using the OneDrive application, and the application should thus launch successfully when your computer first boots up.

Solution 2: Reset your Internet Explorer settings

In order to work properly, the onboard Windows 10 OneDrive application must use the same internet connection settings as the Internet Explorer application installed on your computer. This suggests that any corrupted or incorrectly configured Internet Explorer settings will cause OneDrive to malfunction. Resetting your Internet Explorer settings should resolve the OneDrive script problem if this is the case.

However, it should be noted that by resetting the web Explorer settings on your computer, you are essentially reverting the application to the condition in which it was when it was first installed. It’s also worth noting that a reset of Internet Explorer’s settings is permanent. You would like to do the following in order to reset Internet Explorer settings:

Close any instances of Internet Explorer that are currently open.
Create a replacement account. Internet Explorer is a web browser that allows you to browse the internet.
Click on the Tools icon, which has a gear icon next to it, and then on Internet options.
Navigate to the Advanced tab and select Reset from the drop-down menu.
When the Reset Internet Explorer settings panel appears, select Reset from the drop-down menu.
Once your Internet Explorer settings have been restored to their default values, click on Close, then click on OK to finish the process.

Restart your computer in order for the modifications you have made to take effect successfully. As soon as your computer starts up, the OneDrive script issue will be resolved for you automatically.

If changing Internet Explorer’s settings to their factory defaults does not resolve the problem (which is highly doubtful), you may wish to try the following:

Close all open Internet Explorer windows and open a new Internet Explorer window as a replacement.
Click on the Tools icon, which has a gear icon next to it, and then on Internet options.
Navigate to the Advanced tab and select Restore advanced settings from the drop-down menu.
In order to restore Internet Explorer’s advanced settings, follow the on-screen prompts while also clicking the boxes to erase ALL of the changes along the way. Following the completion of the process of restoring Internet Explorer’s advanced settings, your OneDrive script error problem should be resolved.

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