Modern Warfare Connection Failed

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It can be difficult to identify the reason behind a connection problem, especially if your connection has been working perfectly for all other activities. Server-wide issues and downtimes can be difficult to spot if you have a squad you play with often. However, lone wolves might need to look at a few sources to make sure the decision of Duty: Warzone isn’t being made.

You’ll want to avoid the “Connection Failed” error if you are in a hurry to get into Warzone matches. The error, despite being confusing, narrows down your options to just two. It could be that your home network has a connectivity issue or Warzone’s servers are experiencing difficulties.

Overloaded servers can be the reason for the error during the discharge period. There are several ways to determine if you will be able to squeeze in the servers for that last Warzone match.

How to fix the “Connection Failed” error in Warzone.

Check that the Warzone servers have not been down.

You will have to go to developers’ offices to get a fix for Warzone servers that are down. Activision’s official website for server status and Down Detector will allow you to check the current status of your game. These two sources are fast enough to keep players informed, but you can also find primary responders at community hubs such as Reddit.

You can save time by checking the status of servers. They are unlikely to work in the event of global downtimes.

Change to a wired connection

Wi-Fi can be unstable at times, but it cannot beat a reliable wired connection. You can confirm that your connection is reliable by switching to a wired one and testing whether you will be able to join another game.

If you are unable to connect your gaming device and router via cable, you may try moving them closer to boost your Wi-Fi signal. You can also try Wi-Fi adapters. However, the echoed signals might slightly increase your ping.

Change your DNS

Although DNS addresses may not seem very important at first glance, a bad one can prevent you from loading websites or accessing Warzone. Users often get confused by slowing internet speeds. It may take them a while to realize that their DNS address is wrong.

If you have never changed your DNS address before, it will be the default one that your ISP configures. You can troubleshoot your initial DNS by changing it to one of the commercially available DNS addresses, such as Google, Proton, or OpenDNS.

PlayStation 5 owners can see these steps to change their DNS. Xbox Series X/S owners will be able to inspect the steps.

Reset your router and PC

Resetting your router and PC are two practical steps that you can take to fix random bugs. Resetting your computer will ensure that there is nothing that could be affecting your connection while turning off your router will ensure that your connection to the Warzone servers runs smoothly.

Using both simultaneously will save you time. You’ll want to pay attention for around 20-30 seconds before switching between them.

Try using cellular data.

It is considered to be ideal to play games using cellular data. Your location will affect the quality of your connection. Cellular plans are generally more expensive than home internet deals. However, you will only be able to connect with your mobile network for a short time.

Please enable the wireless hotspot function on your phone to connect it to your PC or console. To share data, you can also use USB tethering. You can also use your mobile data to get into Warzone. It will then verify that your home internet is the problem.

Call your ISP

Once you have built a case for yourself, you will proudly call your ISP and let them know that Warzone is not being allowed in your home. After you have explained everything and tried every troubleshooting step, a staff member should conduct a diagnostic on your network to look for anomalies.

A reset by your ISP should resolve most issues. However, you will also be offered on-site support to investigate the quality of your cable.

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Contact Activision

Some players may be lucky enough to win with a tech-savvy technician that knows a lot about gaming. However, support specialists who don’t follow the rules will make it difficult for you. Sometimes your home network will be in perfect condition. If this happens, it is usually because Warzone’s servers are having problems with your provider or where you live.

Send an email to Activision and tell them what you have been reading. Please send any materials that you feel are helpful. A support specialist will review your case in a matter of days.

Activision might have a regional investigation that leads to solutions for players in your area.