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The NVIDIA Canvas App Turns Your Terrible Doodles Into Lifelike Photos

NVIDIA Canvas and an RTX GPU will transform simple artwork into something that experts would love.

Have you ever looked at your MS Paint artwork and thought “I wish it looked a bit more like a professional photograph?”

You can, provided you have NVIDIA’s Canvas app installed and an RTX GPU.

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NVIDIA Canvas – Make Art Great Again

Okay, maybe your horrible MS Paint job doesn’t deserve any digital artwork of year awards. But you can get them with NVIDIA Canvas.

How is that possible? You can now test the Canvas app by NVIDIA as a public beta.

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An NVIDIA blog article explains how you can transform a simple set of colored globules to create stunning landscapes with the new app.

What is NVIDIA Canvas and how does it work?

NVIDIA Canvas is an application that is part of NVIDIA Studio. It uses the brand’s real-time painting tool, GauGAN –to let:

It works in real-time, as it was said. As you add color blobs to the Canvas artwork space, a second screen displays your entire art in its fully rendered glory.


Instead of painting landscapes pixel-by-pixel, choose the type of scene you want to color and then apply a few brush strokes to the artboard. Canvas will create a photorealistic work of art that is lifelike.

You can also swap materials. So if you have an ocean scene with crashing waves, and rocky outcrops it is possible to quickly flip a switch and transform it into grassy rolling hills with trees. All this with the help of AI.

How do you get the NVIDIA Canvas app?

It is easy to download the app. You can download the beta from the Canvas page of NVIDIA Canvas.

It’d be difficult to use. You will need a Windows computer (sorry Mac users) that runs Windows 10 with one of the following GPUs.

  • GeForce RTX
  • Quadro RTX

You can download the beta if you want to, and then let NVIDIA know your thoughts or any bugs you find over at the NVIDIA forums.

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John Constable, Get Painting!

Ok, Constable did not produce photographs, but he did create some of the most beautiful landscapes in art history. Your terrible artwork will now look a little more passable if you use NVIDIA Canvas.