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Kindle Fire HD Play Store – Here we can see, “how to install the google play store on an amazon fire tablet”

how to install the google play store on an amazon fire tablet

Amazon Fire tablet, also known as Kindle Fire. This tablet is a cheaper tablet that you can buy from Amazon. These tablets can be used to create your smart home controller dashboard, and manage all your smart devices from it.

We have already discussed how to make your tablet a home automation controller in this blog post. We might, however, install Android Apps and gain access to Google Play Services. Amazon’s Fire Tablet, for example, restricts you to Amazon AppStore. The Fire Tablet runs an Android-based OS. We will install the Google Play Store to access Android Apps.

Installing the Play Store on your Fire Tablet

Step 1: Allow apps from unknown sources

Go to Settings > Security, and then enable “Apps From Unknown Sources”. This will allow you to install APKS from the internet.

As the PlayStore isn’t available within the Amazon AppStore, we’d like to download it from the web.

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Step 2: Download and install the APK file from the PlayStore

To run the PlayStore correctly on our Fire Tablet, we would need to install certain packages. This trusted source will allow you to download the app files. All of them can be downloaded to your tablet.

  1. Google Account Manager Apk
  2. Google Services Framework

If you’ve got the 2017 Fire HD 8, download this Google PlayStore version

Step 3: Download and install the APK files.

APK files will be saved under Docs > LocalStorage tab. Download

Tap on each file you have downloaded. It’s important to follow the order in which files are installed.

Remark Lock the tablet and unlock the device if the “Install” button is grayed out. You’ll need to address orange.

Step 4: Convert your tablet into an home controller

An icon will appear on your desktop after you have installed the google play services. Open it. It will update in the background so it may appear slow at first.