iPhone Shows Incorrect Password For wifi

Windows Update Error 80092004
Windows Update Error 80092004

How to fix the iPhone incorrect Wi-Fi password problem

There is nothing more irritating than an iPhone telling you you have the wrong Wi-Fi password. This error can occur at any time during the day. It may also cause your phone to drop off the network, causing you to reconnect to your home network.

Worse, if it continues, it could cause damage to your Apple Watch or HomePod Mini. These devices access your wireless connection information when your phone is accessible. The standard recommendation for rebooting your router is to do this, but it rarely works in my experience. You might prefer to try something else.

Some solutions can be found. These are the easiest to fix.

1. 1. Reboot your phone

Sometimes your phone needs a reboot. You can press and hold the volume and side buttons at the same time on many iPhones until you see the slider.

To use a more recent iPhone SE press and hold the side button below the facility off slider. Hold the highest button until the iPhone SE is displayed.

Drag the slider to turn your phone on for all models. After waiting 30 seconds, press and hold down the side button to turn your phone on again. To determine if the problem is solved, try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network.

2. Forget the Wi-Fi network

Next, you will try to forget about the Wi-Fi network. To do this, you must be within the range of the wireless network that is causing the problems. Next, go to Settings, Wi-Fi, and then tap the “i” icon beside the network you wish to forget. Finally, tap Forget this Network. A warning screen will appear saying “Your device and any other devices using iCloud Keychain won’t join this Wi-Fi networking.”

This will cause your Apple ID to be forgotten and your wireless network should be turned off for all Apple devices. Tap Forget. Now you can rejoin the network and it should work.

3. Reset your Network Settings

Resetting your phone’s network settings is a more drastic option. While this will not affect your data, it will remove all Wi-Fi network names and passwords from the device. To do this, go to Settings, General, Reset and then choose Reset Network Settings. After entering your PIN, your phone will restart.

Once it restarts, you will be able to reconnect with the Wi-Fi network. This could resolve the problem.

4. Delete the Wi-Fi network from iCloud Keychain

Despite all the steps I took in the past, the Wi-Fi password problem persists. Fortunately, iCloud Keychain has solved the problem. This is the system Apple uses to synchronize passwords between all your devices, including those for Wi-Fi networks.

My iPhone kept downloading incorrect passwords from iCloud. To fix this issue, I had to delete the password from the iCloud Keychain that protected my network. You can only use a Mac. If you want to use your phone, you will need an Apple ID.

You can borrow a Mac from your lover to use as a substitute user account. Once you have created a new user account, you can check-in. After that, press Apple+Spacebar, sort Keychain Access, and then run Keychain Access. Next, click iCloud and then use the search box for your Wi-Fi username.

Two entries should be found, one of which must be the type “AirPort network password”. Right-click on all entries and select Delete. Now your iCloud password has been deleted from your wireless network. Don’t delete passwords other than the airport network password, as these passwords are not wireless network passwords.

Turn Wi-Fi off on your phone and then on again. Now you can rejoin your home network. However, it will work properly and you won’t be having the same Wi-Fi password issue again.