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With cloud and AI, IBM broadens 5G deals with Verizon and Telefonica

BARCELONA, (Reuters) – IBM will offer new services for Verizon (VZ.N.N.N.) telecom operators. Telefonica. According to the U.S. technology company, these services include 5G over a Cloud Platform to use artificial intelligence.

Amazon (AMZN.O), Microsoft MSFT.O, and Amazon (AMZN.O). All are in the race for 5G revenue. They provide telecom operators with next-generation software tools.

IBM will offer cloud services to telecom operators through technology it purchased from Red Hat software. This will enable them to manage their networks and to sell tailored products to their customers. Although the details of these tie-ups are not public, they will allow IBM to expand its partnerships with these companies.

Cloud platforms replace physical equipment by using the software. This allows telecom operators to build 5G networks faster, reduce costs and provide customized services.

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Redhat vice president Darell Jordan Smith stated that it was a “disruptive moment” in this market segment. Telcos want to be known as the destination for services like augmented reality, machine learning, and AI.

Telefonica Spain, IBM created virtual assistants for AI. It automates common questions and tasks like billing.

“We see it in telco operators using5G as an existential moment: architecturally they’re looking to more control over their platforms and rethinking the network as a digital model instead of a structured physical one,” said Steve Canepa, IBM’s general manager for communications.