How To Reset Samsung Remote?

Reset Roku Remote
Reset Roku Remote

Resetting your Samsung TV remote may be necessary

If something doesn’t work as it should, the main reason is that something isn’t working properly. Electronics are prone to make errors that aren’t possible with logic. However, it is possible to diagnose the problem by looking at the remote. The best solution is to simply ask the remote for factory settings. Although it may not be the best solution, it will save you some money.

Before you reset your remote, make sure it isn’t damaged or has enough charge. If it is, you can’t reset it.

How to reset the standard Samsung TV remote

Let’s begin with the standard Samsung remote. If it does not work, you may need to reset it. It is very easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes.

To reboot a standard Samsung remote you just need to:

  • The back cover should be opened.
  • Remove the batteries
  • Allow resting for approximately 3-5 minutes
  • Place the batteries
  • Hold the power button down for 10 seconds

Your Samsung remote has been successfully reset.

How to reset Samsung Smart Remote

Now we get to the fun part, how to reset your Samsung smart remote. There is a lot of misinformation online about this topic, so I’ll try to simplify it.

The Samsung Smart Remote can be used as a Bluetooth device so you don’t need to unplug it. The Samsung Smart Remote can then be reconnected to your TV.

This is a more difficult way to reset the Samsung Smart Remote, but it is possible if you are unable to use the above method. This is how to reset your Samsung Smart Remote.

  • The remote is yours
  • Keep the throttle down buttons B and C
  • To reset the remote light, enter code 981 after it flashes (or blinks twice).

How to pair Samsung Smart Remote

The Samsung Smart Remote Bluetooth device must be connected to your TV to function.

Although the process is identical to pairing any Bluetooth device, there are a few things that you need to know. To ensure that the batteries are charged, first place the remote near the TV.

Let’s get straight to pairing. Turn on your TV, then grab the smart remote. Press and hold.RETURNAndPLAY/STOP. This will initiate the pairing process. If successful, you’ll see a message on your TV screen.