How to Remove Parental Controls on Xbox 360?

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Windows Update Xp Cannot Display The Webpage

How can you reset parental controls on Xbox 360 with no password?

Resetting the parental controls passcode on Xbox 360

  1. To reset your Xbox 360 passcode, answer the question that you created after you discovered parental controls.
  2. You can reset your Xbox 360 passcode online if you forget your passcode question.

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Resetting parental controls on Xbox 360

Before performing the reset, it is important to turn off any active parental controls. This section will not be applicable if your unit does not have parental controls.

This is how to get rid of parental controls:

  1. Select “Family” from the dashboard.
  2. Select “Content Controls” and select “Off”. Then, you will be asked to enter the passcode.
  3. If your passcode is not working, you can reset it by answering a question about your passcode.

Xbox 360 Has there been a push button?

I have received a lot of questions about a push-button. Now, I will be able to answer them all.

There is not a dedicated push-button for the console. This is the quick answer.

You can get an identical result by turning off your console and then turning it on again. This will restart the system. It works just as well as a push-button.

This is a quick and easy way to fix a locked console or freeze screen. It’s easy to do.

Drive Backup – Xbox 360

You can skip this step if you don’t want to transfer any data.

It’s recommended to copy all important files to a USB flash drive.

  1. Plug the USB memory card into the console.
  2. Start by going to the dashboard and selecting “Settings”, then “System”, then “Storage”.
  3. Highlight the drive that you wish to back up and then press “Y” on the controller for device options. Next, select “Transfer Content.”
  4. Select the USB storage you want.

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Xbox 360 File Backup

You can only favor certain copy files (such as save files), then

  1. Plugin The memory device that you wish to use for backup.
  2. Start by going to the dashboard and selecting “Settings”, then “System”, then “Storage”.
  3. Choose the drive where files are located.
  4. Copy game save files by selecting “Games and Apps” and then the sport.
  5. Choose the file you wish to save and click “Copy.” Next, select the memory device that you wish to copy

Obtaining the Serial Number

Sometimes, you might need to enter the serial number of the console. In these cases, it is best to do this before proceeding with the reset.

  • Navigate to the Dashboard and click on “Settings”, then choose “System” or “Console Settings.”
  • Scroll down and select “System Info” to see the “Console Serial No.”

This number can be found under the barcode on the console. Preparing for the next step, write down the serial number of the console.

Resetting Xbox 360

You should now be able to reset the console.

This is permanent and you will lose any information you don’t protect.

  • You can access the Xbox 360 dashboards again to view “Settings”, “System”, and finally “Storage”
  • Highlight the drive that you wish to format, then press the “Y” button on your Xbox 360 controller to display the “Device Options” menu. Next, select “Format”.
  • Enter the serial number of the console when prompted (see the previous step for instructions).

Congratulations! You should now be using a 360 unit with plenty of storage to meet all your needs.

If you have any problems with your console or you bought it refurbished, you can always try the process again.

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Should you grind to a halt at any stage and need further help, remember that you can always reach bent Xbox support at