How to Put Youtube Video Into Powerpoint?

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How to insert video in PowerPoint

There will be a different procedure depending on which version of PowerPoint you’re using. These are Powerpoint 365 instructions. They may not differ from previous versions, but they should be easy to follow.

You can embed a video from a PC file.

  1. Click on the slide that you want, then go to Settings > Add.
  2. Click in the upper right corner and then click VideoPhoto.
  3. Click on Insert to locate the movie you want.
  4. To ensure that your video plays as you intended, adjust the Video Format toolbar settings. To activate your movie, turn the slide over and choose ” Perform the entire Screen” or Start Automatically.
  5. To verify that your movie plays exactly as you want it to, publish your demonstration. That’s it! You are done.

PowerPoint allows you to embed a YouTube video.

Your operating system and PowerPoint version will affect the process of incorporating a YouTube movie. Click Insert Video and then click Online Video for Indices 365. Copy the URL for any video on YouTube, Slideshare, or Vimeo. This will allow you to demonstrate the function of the net.

These steps will allow you to embed YouTube videos from PowerPoint 2019, 2013, and 2010, on your PC.

  1. Find the movie you are looking for on YouTube. Click the Share button underneath the picture frame and select Embed.
  2. Copy the Embed code. Verify that it is the correct code. It should not start with HTTP. Your Embed script should start with HTTP.
  3. Open PowerPoint, then select the slide where you want to insert your Video.
  4. Click on Insert. You can insert unique objects into your slide.
  5. Click Video> Online Video. Select ” Video From Website” if you are in PowerPoint 2019 and earlier.
  6. Click on Paste embed code to glue the Embed Code. In PowerPoint 2010, click on ” Insert video Out Of Website.”
  7. Click on the movie you wish to play and then click ” Playback“.
  8. To choose the way the movie will play, click on the ” start” menu. This is crucial because your Video won’t work if you don’t choose among these options.
  9. Once you hit Play, you can be online. To complete the task, you will need the internet to access your Video.

These three tips will help you master Powerpoint presentations

Here are some best practices to produce Biteable videos that can be used as demonstrations.

Make sure your script is clear. The movie replaces bullet points so it should use concise and clear language. Your audience will find it easier to follow a simple message.

Choose bold colors. Good-looking movies can make your audience more interested. To increase participation, use bright backgrounds and animations that are not too blasé. You can find a whole collection of cartoon scenes in the Biteable library that is easy to edit.

Keep it simple. A movie that lasts between 30-60 minutes and is not too bad is ideal for demonstrations. You might want to break up a longer film into multiple slides so it can be broken down and rearranged into bite-sized pieces.

Add videos to your next PowerPoint presentation.

Biteable makes it easy to convert videos to PowerPoint. This will make your presentations a hit in another important meeting. In a matter of minutes, you can create infographics, explainers, or movie demonstrations. Start editing today by selecting one of the hundreds of templates.