How to Activate Ancestry Dna Kit

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To activate your account, visit
If you do not have a legitimate account, click on the link that says “create a replacement one” rather than the green check-in button that is located under the heading “Activate your DNA kit.”
Followed by a click on the check-in button, enter your username and password.
In order to link your test to your Ancestry account, you will need to enter the 15-digit AncestryDNA activation code that is printed on your tube collection.
To proceed, click the button that is presented next.
Fill out the participation information for Ancestry, read over the information that was provided, and then click on the terms and conditions button.
Please make your selection below if you would like to take part in our research.
Select “Activate this test” from the menu.

Points to recollect before activating AncestryDNA Kit

Important things to remember before turning on your AncestryDNA kit
The ability to link one’s AncestryDNA kit to their existing Ancestry account is one of the benefits of activating an AncestryDNA kit. You should sign up for an Ancestry account right away if you do not already have one. Creating an account on Ancestry is completely free and can be done at
It is absolutely necessary for you to keep your activation code a secret until you receive the results of the test. You will be required to roll in the hay on your minor child’s behalf in order to activate a kit that you have purchased for them.
Everyone over the age of 18 who participates in the test is required to make the necessary adjustments to their Ancestry profiles. Most of the time, only one DNA kit can be activated for one account, with the exception of tests for minor children.
You’ll need a real email address in order to sign up for an Ancestry account, so make sure you have one. Verify that you are using the email address that has never been associated with an Ancestry account before. In the event that this takes place, you will want to use an alternative email address.

How to check-in and Reset TM Menards Login?

Before providing a saliva sample for your DNA test, you should wait at least half an hour and not chew gum, drink alcohol, eat, or drink anything other than water.
You will be responsible for caring for a tube collection that has a wavy line.
To the point where the wavy line is reached, fill the tube with your saliva. Everything mentioned in the previous sentence has the potential to produce an inaccurate AncestryDNA test result. It goes without saying that this result will not be reliable.
Take off the funnel, and then remove it from the tube. To prevent the DNA in your saliva from becoming unstable, securely screw on the cap that is included before releasing the answer.
Turn the screw to let out the fluid that stabilises. When the blue solution from the cap has completely emptied into the tube, you will know that it is working properly.
Now, continue shaking the tube that contains the stabilising agent to ensure that your saliva is thoroughly mixed with the stabiliser. Shake the tube as much as you can.

What to try to If you would like DNA Matches to seek out You

Next, you’ll need to crack open the Ancestry DNA kit and put the answer tube inside the bag provided. Check that the end of the DNA kit has been sealed with some sort of gum or adhesive strip.
You will need to send the Ancestry DNA kit back to the company’s corporate office in order for them to carry out the DNA test and send you the results of the test to the email address that is associated with your Ancestry DNA account.
What to make an effort to If you want people who share your DNA to look for you, you need to provide it.
If a person wants their DNA matches to be able to see them, they will need to follow these steps:

How to Get the newest Kit Notifications

After clicking your username, proceed by clicking the Next button.
You won’t have the option to choose not to be listed as a DNA match if that is something you would prefer to avoid.
You can make it possible for other people to determine your geographical, ethnic, and cultural origins, and you will make this possible.
Your DNA matches will then be able to view the communities and religions to which you belong once you have completed this step.
If you do not want to be seen by other people, make the selection at the very bottom of the list and then click the Yes button.

How to Check the Status of My Ancestry DNA Kit

You should go to the Kit Notifications page and select Yes to be added to the list of users who will receive notifications about changes to the status of the kit if you want to be kept up to date regarding kit notifications. After selecting Yes from the drop-down menu, proceed by entering your telephone number into the blank field and selecting the Next button. You will from this point forward receive either daily or weekly updates.

Check out this link as well:
How to Determine Where My Ancestry DNA Kit Currently Stands
Click the DNA tab at the top of any page on Ancestry, and then select the “DNA Results Summary” option from the drop-down menu that appears. This will allow you to view the current status of your DNA kit.


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