Google Voice Dropped Calls

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Google Voice Will Now Show the Reason for Missed and Dropped Calls

You now have the ability to delete multiple SMS messages in a single action.

As part of its most recent update, Google Voice is getting some helpful new features that have been added as a neighborhood. With the most recent set of enhancements, Google aims to improve the calling and usability experience of Google Voice. Support for user feedback is one of the new features that will be introduced.

It is now possible for Google Voice to explain why you missed a specific call, including the reasons why your device did not ring when a call came in, the reasons why a call was dropped, and the ability to delete multiple SMS messages at once.

Find Out Why That Call Was Missed or Dropped and Why It Happened

In the details of missed calls section of Google Voice, you can now check to see why you were unable to answer a call. The app will explain the reason why your device did not ring, such as whether it was set to not receive incoming calls or whether it was in the “do not disturb” mode. After that, in order to fix the problem, you’ll have to select the reasoning.

In the event that your call is unable to attach due to poor network connectivity or any other network-related issue, Google Voice will also provide an explanation for the failure. In addition to Redial, you will also be given the option to make the decision by using the mobile network connected to your phone.

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With this update, Google Voice now includes the capability to delete multiple SMS messages in a single action, which is a simple but useful addition. You will first need to tap on the avatar of the SMS threads you want to delete, and then you will need to tap on the trash icon to delete all of them at once. This feature will also be accessible through the online version of Google Voice.

Google Voice customers using an iPhone now have access to caller ID.

In addition to this, the caller ID feature is now available to iPhone users who also have a Google Voice account. This indicates that iPhone users will soon be able to see their own number displayed as caller ID for any calls that are forwarded to their Google Voice number rather than the number of the person who is calling them. If you own an iPhone, you will need to manually enable the feature within the Google Voice settings in order to use it. The default setting disables the feature.

In the announcement that it made on the Workspace Updates blog, Google notes that caller ID, as well as Call Drop Reason. As a result, the capability to delete multiple SMS messages is already accessible to users of Google Voice. Unrolling has been limited to just the Missed Call Reason feature at this point.

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Google Voice receives only infrequent updates with new features; however, in 2020, the company redesigned the service and simultaneously introduced support for dark mode alongside the redesign. In the beginning of this year, Google disabled the ability to automatically forward Google Voice messages to the telephone number associated with your carrier. This was done because mobile operators blocked such messages.