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How to Stop Advertising on My Phone?
How to Stop Advertising on My Phone?

How to Hide Your Contacts on an Android Phone

Method 1: Add the Contacts to a Group

In order to get started, open the Contacts programme on your Android device.
“Groups” are a feature available in the contacts applications of all Android handsets. The menu, on the other hand, may change from time to time. Finally, on your smartphone, select Groups from the drop-down menu.
You’ll be invited to form a group of your peers. Make an effort to give it a name that is both intriguing and obscure.
Select the contacts you wish to include and then click “Save.”
When you return to the main screen of the application, pick the menu option, then Settings, and finally “Contacts to Display.”
Select “Custom list” (or “Customized list” on some devices) from the drop-down option at the bottom of the screen. To modify the order of the list, click on the wheel icon to the right of the text.
You can now choose which contacts should be displayed on the screen. Complete the process by checking all of the groups of contacts except the one you just created.

Method 2: Move to SIM and Hide the SIM

Second, we will save the contacts in the SIM memory and then hide the SIM contacts from the outside world. The SIM card can be used to duplicate existing contacts stored on your phone’s memory card in older versions of Android (4.4.4 and below), but in later versions, you must choose which memory you wish to use when adding the contacts and you cannot modify this choice later on (on most devices).

When upgrading to a newer model, you can remove the contacts you want to add and then re-add them when selecting the SIM memory option. After that, proceed to the actions listed after Step 5 in the following section.

For older versions:

Open the contacts app and choose the menu option from a previous version of Windows.
To learn more, press the “More” button.
Choose “Copy contacts” from the drop-down menu.
In this case, you will be presented with two options: “Phone to SIM” and “SIM to phone.” To begin, select the phone to SIM option from the drop-down menu.
You will now be requested to select the contacts that you wish to include in your list. Put it into action.
Afterwards, navigate back to the menu and select “Contacts to display.”
You can remove your SIM contacts from your programme by unchecking the “SIM” option in the display menu.
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User Questions:

User Inquiries: Is it possible to hide contacts on the phone?
Install and launch the Hangouts app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Select the option for a new conversation. Locate the individual from whom you desire to remain anonymous. Hold your finger on their name for a few seconds before tapping Hide contact.

Is it possible to have contacts that are hidden from view on Android?
For the contact to be opened, first touch it, and then touch it once more. To make changes, click on the Edit button. More information may be found by scrolling down and tapping the arrow to expand the section. Examine your alternatives Hide in contacts, and hide social activity if you want to remain anonymous.

What is the significance of concealing contacts who do not have phone numbers?
To hide the contacts, open the stock contact app on your Android device and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Afterwards, simply select the Only with phone number checkbox in the settings menu and click Save to apply the modifications. Contacts with no phone numbers will be removed from the contact list and search results once this has been completed.

In addition, see whea uncorrectable error.
Why aren’t the names of my contacts shown on my Android device?
Select More > Settings > Display Contacts from the drop-down menu. To make it possible to see additional contacts from within the app, change the settings to All contacts or Customized list and toggle on all of the available options.

What is the best way to make a contact in Google Contacts invisible?
Remove or hide a Google contact address from your web browser.
Install and launch the Google Maps application on your Android smartphone or tablet.
Select Saved from the drop-down menu. Select Labeled from the drop-down menu under “Your lists.”
Select More from the drop-down menu next to your contact. To keep a contact from appearing on Google Maps, select Contacts > Hide Contact in Maps. Hide.