Firewall Can t Change Some Of Your Settings

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Where To Plug In Firestick On Samsung TV

Firewall Can t Change Some Of Your Settings – Here we can see, “fix firewall can’t change settings”

Fix: Windows firewall cannot change settings error 0x80070422

Operating systems are prone to errors, regardless of whether they’re Windows or OSX. These errors can cause some problems for users. Some of these errors are easy to fix, while others require a lot of work.

Users have reported problems with Windows Firewall. They receive an error code 0x80070422 and a message stating that the Windows Firewall cannot change some of your settings. When a user attempts to turn on Windows Firewall using the recommended settings, this Error occurs. This Error has also been reported by users using third-party security Firewalls. This is quite troubling.

To surf the internet safely, a firewall is essential. Firewalls protect against malware and spyware that can affect the operating system components. It must be on to provide full protection.

The Reason for the Error 0x80070422

This error might occur if a required service isn’t running in Windows. This issue can also be caused by a disabled Background Intelligent Transfer Service. The Background Intelligent Transfer Service must be working.


Solutions to the Error Code 0x80070422

These methods will help you solve this problem with your Firewall.

Method 1: Use the Services Window to Fix This Error

Several times, this Error occur thanks to Firewall not initializing at the startup of Windows. Follow these instructions to fix the problem.

  1. Search for Services in Windows 7 or Windows 8. Cortana will be used in Windows 10 to search for it. Right-click on it to open it as an administrator.
  2. Scroll down to Windows Firewall in the Services window. You can check the Startup type and status of this service. You might have to disable it.
  3. To enable this service and set it to start automatically at every startup of Windows, double click over the Windows Firewall service and activate the overall Inside this tab, you’d see Startup type set to Disabled. Click Apply to change that setting to Automatic and then hit the OK button.
  4. Once it has been set to Automatic, right-click over the Windows Firewall and select Start to activate it. It will automatically restore your Windows Firewall without any errors.

Method 2: Establishing Background Intelligence Transfer Service

This method is recommended if the above methods fail to fool you.

  1. Look for Background Intelligent Transfer Service in the Services window. Double-click on it to navigate to General.
  2. To start Background Intelligent Transfer Service, change the starting up type to Manual. Click on the Start button in Service Status. To save many settings, click on the Apply and OK buttons.