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ESPN Plus Is Getting More Expensive… Again

The cost of streaming sports has increased once in 2021, and it is currently increasing again.
Disney raised the price of ESPN Plus subscriptions in April. These prices have been increased by the streaming giant once more. ESPN Plus will experience a significant price rise in August 2021.

ESPN Plus Subscription Prices Are Going Up

Disney, owner of ESPN Plus has increased the monthly and annual subscription prices for its ESPN Plus streaming services. ESPN Plus subscriptions were increased in August 2013, and will increase again in August 2013.

ESPN Plus FAQs states that a monthly subscription will increase by 1 dollar, from $5.99 to $6.99. A subscription to ESPN Plus will cost you $109.99 to $69.99 each year. Even though it might not seem like much, an additional $10-12 per-year price increase can quickly add up for multiple subscriptions.

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Disney launched ESPN Plus as an additional subscription service for Disney+ in 2018. The bundle is $13.99/month and includes all three services. Subscribers can save $5 each month by buying the bundle and not each service individually.

However, it is important to note that Hulu and Disney+ are not raising their prices simultaneously. The bundle price is the same.

What is the best way to get ESPN Plus’ price increase?

ESPN Plus FAQs states that price increases don’t directly offer new features or exclusive content. Disney has however announced additional content.

Disney recently announced that ESPN’s streaming platform would soon archive sports footage. This footage will include replays for 75 NHL games as well as full replays of Wimbledon tennis matches. The platform will also feature classic highlights and highlight reels from tennis matches. ESPN Plus will also be the exclusive destination for the PGA Tour Live.

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ESPN Plus’ additional content is most likely the reason for the recent price increase. ESPN Plus’ extra content might make sports fans more likely to sign up for the subscription, or continue paying the higher price.

ESPN Plus takes another swing at price increases

Exclusive footage and rights to live streaming will only be available to a select few sports fans. ESPN Plus might not be happy with a second price increase in one year for a platform that is often criticized for its lack of content.

While it is rare for streaming services such drastic price increases, some viewers might be pleased with the new content.