Error 489 in Google Play Store

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Windows Screensaver Not Working

Google Play Store Error 489

Method 1

Remove your Google account from your device once, and then re-add it to your device again. If you’re not sure how to go about it, just follow these simple instructions:

On your phone, go to the Menu > Settings > Accounts menu.
To access Google, click on the Google icon that appears.
By tapping on the options icon in the settings menu, you can select Remove account from the list.
Make certain that you want it.
When you’re finished, restart your device and re-enter your Google account information.
Clear the data by going to Settings > Applications Manager > Google Play Store and deleting the data there.
If your phone prompts you to perform a factory reset in order to remove your Google account and you do not wish to do so, you can learn how to deactivate your Google account from Android without doing so by following the steps below.

Method 2

Take a look at these additional resources: Method 2: Samsung Announces Chromebook 3 at CES 2016
Make a network switch for your computer. In other words, if you’re currently using mobile data, you can switch to the Wifi network, and the opposite is true. As a result, because the connection is usually the source of the error 489, switching networks will almost certainly result in a faster connection. If you are currently using mobile data and would like to continue using it, you can try changing the APN on your smartphone.

To solve your problem, try one of the following methods (or both if one doesn’t work). Wishing you the best of luck with your app setup!


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The following are some common user questions: 1.How do I resolve an error in the Google Play store?

User Questions:

Clear the cache and data associated with the Play Store.
Open the Settings app on your device and select General.
From the drop-down menu, select Apps & Notifications to continue. See the complete list of applications.
Scroll down to and press the “Tap” button.
With a single tap, you can access your storage. Remove the cache from your computer.
After that, select the option to clear data.
Reopening the Play Store will allow you to restart your download.
What is causing me to receive an error message every time I attempt to access Google Play?

When you try to download apps from the Google Play Store, you’ll see Google Play Store Errors, which are typically comprised of numbers, appear on your screen. It’s possible that these errors are caused by Google Play Store updates, Google cache difficulties, Google Play Store saved data issues, or Google account issues.

Is it possible to get the Google Play Store to function properly once more?

If you originally installed the Google Play Store through the APK file, you can use the APK file to reinstall it if you previously installed it through the APK file. To download the Google Play Store, go to a reputable source such as After the Google Play Store has been successfully installed on your Android phone, it will automatically reappear on your device.

In addition, see How to Print and Auto-Staple Multiple Tabs in a Single Stapled Document in Microsoft Excel 4 for more information.

So, what exactly is causing the Google Pay Show Error to occur?

Check to see that the address on your credit card corresponds to the address in Google Payments. If your credit card is registered to a different address than the one you are using, your payment may be declined. Check to see that the zip code corresponds to your current location. To complete your purchase, locate the payment option you’re attempting to use to complete the transaction.

5.Can I force Google Play Store to close on its own accord?

Apps that use Google Play Services can be integrated with Google services such as Google Sign In and Google Maps, among other things. This app is not the same as the Google Play Store app, and it comes pre-installed on Android devices. Google Play Services is not the same as the Google Play Store app. You will not be able to force Google Play services to stop or be removed.