Dell Computer Beeps 8 Times on Startup

MBR System Reserved Partition
MBR System Reserved Partition

During startup, the laptop beeps 8 times

“During startup, the laptop beeps eight times,” we can see in this example.

If your laptop’s screen or graphics processor starts beeping eight times when you try to boot it up but does not boot into its operating system (and does not even display anything on its screen), there is a problem with the laptop’s screen or graphics processor.

Method 1: On boot, press the Power Button + D.

To begin booting up the laptop, press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
As soon as the laptop starts to boot up, press and hold the D key to keep it pressed.
When you see colours flashing all over your laptop’s screen, press and hold the D button for a few seconds. This is a screen diagnostic test designed specifically for laptops.
Also see Error 1962 – No Operating System Could Be Found.
If the colours flash across the laptop’s screen completely and without interruption, the graphics processor is almost certainly the source of the problem. If the diagnostic indicates that there is a problem with the screen on your laptop, the problem could be with the screen itself or with the connections between the screen and the motherboard. After attempting this method and being unsuccessful, the laptop would restart normally after attempting this method and being unsuccessful.

Method 2: On boot, press the power button and the Fn key (For Dell laptops)

Start the computer by pressing the power button.
As soon as your laptop begins to power up, press and hold the Fn key on your keyboard.
Release the Fn key when you see the Dell logo on the screen, along with the text “Diagnostic boot selected” in the corner of the screen.
The LCD BIST test will begin after this screen has been displayed. The LCD BIST test evaluates the performance of your laptop’s screen independently of the graphics processor. As a result, if your screen performs admirably in the LCD BIST test, the graphics processor is the most likely culprit. Another option is to run the LCD BIST test. If it is successful in solving this problem, the laptop should boot up successfully after the test or the next time you attempt to boot it up.

The only remaining options, if the two methods listed and described above do not successfully resolve the problem, are likely to be hardware-based solutions. The best course of action is to have a professional examine the problem, which could be related to the laptop’s screen or its graphics processor.


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In addition, see Error 50. It is not possible to service Windows PE using the /online option with DISM.

User Questions:

Why does my laptop beep eight times every time I turn it on?
This is an indication that there is a problem with the LCD’s hardware. LCD failure is indicated by eight beep codes.

What does the sound of eight beeps on a laptop mean?
The failure of the display memory is indicated by a total of eight beeps on the screen.

Why does my laptop make a beeping sound when it first starts up?
It is common for a long, continuous beep to indicate a hardware problem, most of the time memory-related, that could prevent your computer from booting up at all at all. A major hardware failure on your computer, in the worst-case scenario, results in the need for repair or replacement of the computer.

What is the best way to get rid of the four beeps on a Dell laptop?
The failure of a memory read/write operation is indicated by four beeps. To re-seat the Memory module, first remove it from the slot and re-insert it into the slot.

What does the series of five beeps on a Dell laptop indicate?
In most cases, five beeps indicate a Real-Time Clock Power Failure, which indicates that there is a problem with the CMOS battery in your laptop. The CMOS battery, which is found inside computers and notebooks, stores information about the real-time clock (RTC).

What does the sound of two beeps on a Dell computer mean?
Only memory failure conditions are now responsible for the generation of the beep code; the beep pattern is now 1-3-2. (1 beep, followed by 3 beeps, followed by 2 beeps). This beep code indicates that there is a problem with the computer’s memory. In the new beep codes, only signs and symptoms of memory loss are heard.

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What is the source of the three beeps on my computer?
The sound of three beeps that repeat after a pause indicates a problem with the system memory when you first turn on your computer when you first turn on your computer When three beeps played and then stopped as the computer turned on, it was determined that the BIOS had been successfully restored.