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How to Clear File Explorer History in Windows 10

“How to Clear File Explorer History in Windows 10” is displayed for our perusal here.

If you go into the menu labelled “Change folder and search options” on a computer running Windows 10, you will find the option to clear your Recent Files.

If you haven’t opened anything new since you last looked, the Recent Files tab of your Quick Access folder won’t have anything to show in it until you do so.

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Windows 10: How to Delete Your Most Recently Used Files
1. Launch the File Explorer application on your personal computer. It ought to be an image of a folder that is pinned to your taskbar; however, if it is not pinned, you will have to open any folder in order to access it.

2. In your File Explorer window’s top-left corner, click the “File” button, and then click the “Change folder and search options” option.

3. In the pop-up window that appears, navigate to the “General” tab of the “Privacy” section, click the “Clear” button, and then click the “OK” button to immediately delete all of your Recently Opened Files.

There is no confirmation panel; your files will be deleted as soon as possible.

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