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how to curve text in paint 3d

Paint 3D is a tool that you should consider using if you are just starting out with 3D modeling. However, this relatively new tool from Microsoft left a lot of users feeling let down.

The absence of some fundamental capabilities was likely a contributing factor in this product’s poor reception. For example, the image blurring tool is unavailable in Paint 3D.

Additionally, you are unable to curve text. You got that right! During this portion of the program, you will not be able to curve any letters, words, or sentences.

Having said that, there are a few other options. To put it another way, you will first curve the text in one of the other programs, and then import it into Paint 3D

Text can be reshaped and then inserted into Paint 3D.

1. Create curves in the text using Microsoft Word

Launch the Microsoft Word program. In this particular illustration, we utilized the 2010 version. Because of this, the steps may look slightly different in other versions of Word.

You can select any font you want by going to the Insert tab, clicking on WordArt, and making your selection there.

  1. Create your text, then select the Text effects you want.
  2. Click the “Transform” button, then select the desired shape from the drop-down menu.
  3. You can then paste the curved text you copied into Paint 3D.
  4. iPhone exif data can also be viewed here.

2. In Paint, curve the text.

  1. Launch Paint, and type your text into it there. Choose a very large font size (72 are going to be good).
  2. Go to the Home tab, click the Select button, and then choose the All option. It’s possible that this will select your canvas.
  3. Reduce the size of the canvas you’re working on so you have more control.
  4. Select the option to Resize with the right-click menu there.
  5. You can achieve the results you want by fiddling with the values at Skew (both at the Percentage and Pixels tabs).
  6. It would be greatly appreciated if you could copy the text and then paste it into Paint 3D.

This is a more difficult operation, but at the very least, the text will curve in exactly the way that you want it to.


As we are about to see, Paint 3D may be a very constrained application. You do, however, have more customization options in other Microsoft applications, such as Word and Paint.

Now, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the American tech giant will update Paint 3D in order to fulfill the needs of the numerous users.

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Have any of our other options been of assistance? For instance, how would one go about curving text? Please share your thoughts with us in the section below marked “comments.”

User Questions

1.Do you have any thanks for the curved text in Microsoft Paint?

2.In 3D Paint, how does one go about making the text wrap around a 3D model?

3. Instructions on how to create curved text in Paint.NET

Paint.NET does not include the capability to create circular text in any of its templates. On the other hand, we will be able to extend the functionality of the photo editing software by installing plug-ins. CircleText, which is included as a plug-in for Paint.NET, enables users to give their images circular text effects.


To get started, open up this page and click on the icon that looks like a zip file to save a large amount of the CircleText plug-in. It will save as a zipped file, which you can unzip by right-clicking the file and selecting the Extract All option from the context menu. The plug-in can be extracted from the color.NET Effects folder. After that, launch Paint.NET and navigate to the Effects menu, where you should select Text Formations and CircleText.

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dll is not present.

4.How can I make the text in Paint 3D curve in different directions?

I’ve decided to make some presentation boards with the help of Paint 3D. I’m trying to curve some text; does any one of you guys have any ideas?

5.How do I make a text curve into a circle, similar to the ones that are on Boy Scout patches?

My troop is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, and I was asked to assist in the design of a circular patch to commemorate the occasion. It used to be drilled into my head that I shouldn’t write out text but rather type it. Is there a particularly effective approach that can be taken to do this? Similar to this: