CS1 6 Available Memory Less Than 15Mb

Fatal Error “Available Memory Less Than 15 MB”

The Fatal Error “Available Memory Less Than 15 MB” can be seen in this screenshot.

With out a doubt, Counter-Strike 1.6 has established itself as one of the most popular and successful video games to have ever been released for the personal computer (PC) market. Counter-Strike, like all other games, is not without its flaws, which is especially true given the fact that the sport was released even before the twenty-first century began. The term “fatal errors” refers to a specific class of problems and issues that Counter-Strike 1.6 users have encountered over the years. These errors almost always manifest themselves as soon as the game is launched and, as a result, cause the game to close.

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One of the most common, and also one of the most irritating, fatal errors that can occur in Counter-Strike 1.6 is the “available memory but 15 MB” error, which occurs when there is insufficient available memory. As soon as the game is launched, a fatal error message appears informing the user of the limited amount of free space on their computer, no matter what proportion of free space their computer has, and then the game is closed. The following is an illustration of what this fatal error appears to look like:

In reality, this error is caused by incompatibility issues between the Operating Systems that are currently in use on the planet (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10) and, as a result, the Operating System that the sport was originally designed for (Windows XP), rather than by a lack of available disc space on the user’s computer. Fortunately for all Counter-Strike 1.6 players who are experiencing this issue, resolving the issue is relatively simple and straightforward. All you would like to try to do in order to repair the “available memory but 15 MB” fatal error is the following:

Right-click on either a shortcut to Counter-Strike 1.6 or the game’s icon in the Start Menu to bring up the contextual menu.
Select Properties from the drop-down menu.
Select the Compatibility option from the drop-down menu.
By clicking on the checkbox next to the Run this programme in compatibility mode for option, you will enable it.
Select Windows XP from the dropdown menu that is located directly beneath the selection you made (Service Pack 2).
Then click on the Apply button.
To proceed, click on OK.
Restart your computer to get things going again.
Whenever you launch Counter-Strike 1.6, you won’t be greeted with the fatal error “available memory but 15 MB” because your computer will have booted up immediately.