Cortana Not Hearing Me

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Alternative To Cisco Anyconnect Vpn Client Mac

Cortana Won’t Hear Me

“Cortana Won’t Hear Me” can be seen in this screenshot.

Cortana is a reasonably competent personal assistant for Windows 10, and it may be really useful in a variety of situations.
It is possible that the tool will respond to your voice, but if it is not ready to hear you, carefully read this tutorial to find out why.
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We’re going to presume that Cortana is functioning properly on your computer, and that you’re simply experiencing difficulties getting her to recognise your voice. If this isn’t the case, read our post on how to locate Cortana in your area for more information.

This post will cover what to do if your virtual assistant cannot hear you if you are experiencing this difficulty. If you are experiencing this problem, please continue reading.

If you just follow the steps outlined below, you’ll be able to ask Cortana questions as you normally would in no time.

What am I able to do if Cortana can’t hear me in Windows 10?

1. Update the microphone driver

Device Manager may be accessed by going to Search and typing device manager.
Increase the number of audio inputs and outputs.
Update the driver software for your microphone by selecting it from the context menu of your right-clicked microphone.
Wait for the installation to complete (if there is an available update) before continuing.
Restart your computer to see if the problem has been resolved.
Installing the improper driver versions can result in lasting harm to your computer’s operating system and hardware. As a result, we recommend that you use a dedicated programme such as DriverFix to automatically update your drivers.

The following is the procedure to use this fantastic programme to update your drivers:

DriverFix can be downloaded and installed.
When you first launch the application, it will perform an automatic scan of your computer for out-of-date drivers. During the procedure, it will cross-check the drivers against its cloud database and recommend any changes that are necessary.
Nothing else needs to be done other than looking through the list and clicking on the checkboxes for the drivers you want to include. Of course, clicking the Select All checkbox to update all drivers at the same time is far more convenient.

2. Setup your microphone

Right-click on the sound icon in your taskbar and select Recording devices from the drop-down menu.
Locate the microphone you’re using and double-check that it has been designated as the default recording device. If this is the case, click on the microphone and select Set Default.
Configure the microphone on your computer.

Open the Microphone setup option by going to Search, typing in the mic’s name, then pressing Enter.
You’ll be asked to recite a famous Peter sentence, so make sure to read the line aloud to allow the computer to recognise your voice.
Once you’ve completed your task, your microphone will be appropriately identified.

3. Disable enhancements

Right-click on the sound icon on the taskbar and select “Attend” from the menu. Devices for recording audio and video
Double-click on the default microphone on your computer.
Select Disable all enhancements from the Enhancements drop-down menu.
Take a look at these more resources: After updating to Windows 10, there are no audio devices available for use anymore (Intel Chipset)

4. Adjust microphone levels

Double-click on your default microphone in the recording devices window that appears.
Go to the amount tab and increase the size of the font a smidgeon.
Once you’ve most likely done that, click OK and then check out to speak with Cortana once more.
This pretty much sums up our article on Cortana microphone issues in Windows 10 and how to resolve them. Following the completion of these procedures, you should be able to communicate with your virtual assistant on a regular basis once more.

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