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Delete IE Browsing History (cookies & temp files)

Delete the contents of the Temporary Internet Files folder How to delete the contents of the Temporary Internet Files folder

Close the Internet Explorer window. Exit any instances of Windows Explorer that are running. Select Start > Instrument Panel, and then double-click Internet Options to open the Internet browser. The global tab is located at the top of the screen.

2. Microsoft Support explains how to delete cookie files in Internet Explorer at

Delete the browsing history from the Internet Properties panel by selecting it from the overall tab and clicking Delete. Then, within the Delete Browsing History panel, select “Clear All History” to eliminate all of…

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3. The procedure for deleting Temporary Internet Files (TEMPORARY INTERNET FILE) (cache) US

To delete your browsing history, go to the “Tools” menu (accessed through the gear icon in Internet Explorer 11) or the “Safety” menu. Information (whichever is available). Please keep in mind that you’ll also…

4. The procedure for clearing the cache of your browser on a computer. US

Caching cookies and website data from your browser can be removed by clearing the cache in your browser. To clear your temporary internet files, select Clear from the drop-down menu.

5. Clear the browsing history, cookies, and form data from Internet Explorer.

You’ll also want to select the Settings option when you return to the web Properties control window. Internet Explorer Preferences. The Temporary Internet Files and History Settings window can be found in the Start menu.

Where can I find instructions on how to clear the temporary internet files in Microsoft Internet Explorer (ie)? engines/how can I clear the temporary internet files in microsoft internet explorer ie

How can I clear the temporary Internet files that have accumulated in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)? To access web options from the instrument panel, first open the web Options applet (or open Internet Explorer, then…

7. The Best Way to Delete Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer – Dummies

2Click on the General tab, then on the Delete button in the Browsing History section of the window that appears. The Delete Browsing History panel appears, presenting you with a number of options.

8. Automatically Clear Internet Explorer 9 or 10 Cache 9. Automatically Clear Internet Explorer 10 Cache

Here’s how to clear your browser’s cache, temporary files, history, and cookies whenever you close Internet Explorer.

Take a look at these additional resources: Resolve the issue with right clicking in Firefox 9 by following the steps below. Internet Explorer 11 allows you to clear its cache (Windows)

A Popup-Window appears on the screen. “Clear your browser history.” Remove all of the checks, with the exception of the selection “Temporary Internet files and website files.” Then, select “Delete… from the drop-down menu.”

Delete cookies, cache, and temporary Internet files How do I delete cookies, cache, and temporary Internet files?

Select “Delete Browsing History…” from the drop-down menu. confirm that you want to uncheck Keep track of your favourite websites’ data and keep an eye on both temporary internet files and cookies…