Class Not Registered Error Chrome

Do I Need Virus Protection For Chromebook
Do I Need Virus Protection For Chromebook

Google Chrome – Class Not Registered Error

The message “Google Chrome – Class Not Registered Error” can be seen here.

It has been claimed that users are experiencing difficulties accessing Google Chrome, and that they are being greeted with the category Not Registered Error. It doesn’t matter which operating system you’re using; the problem can arise. This is due to the fact that there is a registry corruption that causes this issue. In most cases, if you navigate to the specific directory where Chrome is installed, it should open automatically. On a 64-bit system, this would be c:Program Files (x86)GoogleChrome, while on a 32-bit system, this would be c:Program Files (x86)GoogleChrome. However, this will not assist in the resolution of the problem. As part of this guide, I’ll lead you through a few steps to resolve the problem permanently by resolving the registry issues that are causing it.

To open the Run dialogue box on your computer, hold down the Windows key and press R. In the Run Dialog box, type regedit.exe and then press the OK button.

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Now is a good time to create a backup of the registry hive in case you delete the wrong keys and end up with more problems than you started with. Within the left pane, select Computer, then File -> Export -> and save the File as registry-backup as a result of the previous step.

To complete the process, navigate to the following keys and delete them. WARNING: BE CAREFUL! Only the keys and subkeys indicated below should be deleted (not the basis keys). For example, once you’ve expanded HKY CLASSES ROOT, look for the Chrome folder in the subfolder. Right-click on the item and select “remove.”

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HKCUSoftwareClassesChrome HKCUSoftwareClassesChrome (all of it)



As soon as the keys have been removed, restart your computer and check to see if Chrome is still operational. Following the completion of the incorrect keys deletion, you will import the registry hive by opening the registry editor and selecting File -> Import -> Select the File you previously saved.

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Hi, I’ve seen this solution to the problem, but I can’t seem to locate the specific files in the registry. I don’t really do much work in the registry, therefore I don’t want to erase anything…

chrome – Reddit – [help] v49: Class not registered: chrome

Despite the fact that this has happened in the past for certain users, it is only happening to me this morning as a result of the recent upgrade. Whenever I would click on the taskbar of my Chrome browser...

Whenever I attempt to do so, I receive the error “Class not registered.”

Strangely enough, Chrome’s built-in PDF reader will function if the PDF has been recently downloaded using Chrome and I open the PDF from the Downloads tray, but it will not work if the PDF has not been recently downloaded using Chrome and I open the PDF from the Downloads tray.

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The following class is not registered: chrome – Reddit

This has happened to me with Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 computers. Activate the taskbar. Chrome.exe is located in the C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication directory. The class has not been registered. Outlook.