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Spotify Not Working On Ps4
Spotify Not Working On Ps4

Citra crashes when loading game VVV

Citra crashing when loading rom

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The moment ROM is loaded, Citra terminates unexpectedly. I’ve sampled both the nightly and the flatpacks of the canary. On an earlier version, it simply would not work. I’d downgrade

System Information

  • The name of the operating system is pop os.
  • CPU: Intel i5
  • CPU stands for graphics processing unit.
  • The Citra Version costs $1,599 per night and can be found in the title bar.
  • Game: pokemon
  • The following is a screenshot of the issue, which should include the entire Citra window, including the titlebar:
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Diagnostic Log

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In-game save file loading results in a crash for Citra.

Describe the flaw you found.

Citra crash on in-game save file loading

Describe the bug

When loading from a Citra save state, the game loads, but the project restoration save is not loaded.

There is HW in the Citra log. Memory stored over and over again forever.


To Reproduce

  1. On a Citra Canary build, load either Majora’s Mask v1.1 and Project Restoration v101 OR Majora’s Mask v1.0 and Project Restoration v100.
  2. Through the game’s menu, you can load an existing save file for Majora’s Mask.
  3. There is no visible output on the screen, and Citra has stopped responding.

Additional context

The primary problem I’m having is getting Project Restoration to work with the game I already have installed. When I begin the sport, I make the purchase of the chime; however, it appears that loading from a Citra save state does not use the mod (select does not open the items menu, d-pad does not handle masks, none of the other control hotkeys work, etc.).

My initial thought was that it would be necessary to load the sport directly through the sport menu as opposed to a Citra save state; however, the error that was presented to me suggests otherwise.

There is no discernible difference when switching between Citra regions.

This is the process of removing the code.

bps and exheader.bin from Citra make loading behave normally once more, which leads me to believe that the issue is with the project restoration rather than Citra or the ROM itself.

Citra Crashes soon after loading ROM.


After loading a ROM, I am almost immediately confronted with system crashes. Although Fire Emblem Awakening is included in the log and screenshot, the problems I encountered are also present in the other game I tried, which is Ocarina of Time 3D. On occasion, I am able to receive all of the thanks for character creation in Awakening; on other occasions, the game will crash two seconds into the beginning of the opening movie. I have to go to the title screen in the logged and screenshotted session that is currently taking place here, which is about par for me.

System Information

  1. Windows 10 Home Version 1809 is the operating system.
  2. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  3. MSI B450-A Pro is the motherboard.
  4. Nvidia/Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 is the graphics processing unit.
  5. The Citra Version is Citra Nightly 1193 and can be found in the title bar.
  6. The Fire Emblem Awakening video game
  7. The following is a screenshot of the issue, which should include the entire Citra window, including the titlebar:

User Questions:

1. The Citra game cannot be loaded after the attempt.

For the past few months, I’ve had no issues to report with Citra’s performance on my behalf. Yesterday, it performed an automatic update. I recently purchased a new game, and ever since then, whenever I attempt to launch a game, the entire app freezes up and informs me that the app unexpectedly closed. I’m using a Mac. I have spent hours searching the internet for answers to questions frequently asked in online discussion groups, but to no avail. I attempted to load games that I have played in the past, but they crashed as well. I have also attempted to uninstall and redownload both the most recent version and older versions, but to no avail. Is there anyone who can offer some advice?

2 .Citra crashes when trying to load a game on a second monitor.

When trying to load a game on a second monitor, Citra will not work properly.

It is beyond my ability to elaborate on this matter any further.

3.Citra closes on startup with preload textures enabled

Any idea what I can do to repair this issue.