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CH38 Error Code
CH38 Error Code

google chrome scrolling lag

Slow scrolling in Google Chrome could be caused by the browser’s graphics settings or a video driver issue. It may also occur due to the web page itself, Windows performance, or the overall performance of Windows. Search for the common attributes among multiple computers on a network if the bug is present, such as an outdated graphics card driver. Before you attempt to troubleshoot the problem, make sure that you are using the latest Google Chrome version.

Web page issues

If slow scrolling is only an issue on one website, it’s likely that this page is responsible. This is especially true if the site contains too much video or interactive content. It will also have badly written code that slows down Chrome. To determine if scrolling performance is improving, report the performance issues to the webmaster. A link is usually provided at the bottom of the page.

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Graphics Issues

Chrome supports WebGL graphics acceleration technology for advanced 3-D models and other graphics within the browser. This feature can be enabled automatically on compatible operating systems that support compatible graphics cards. However, an outdated driver could cause problems. You can check that your driver is the most recent for your card or integrated motherboard graphics. Your graphics card or chipset can also be identified using the Device Manager utility located on top of the things Panel.

Windows Issues

Windows might not have the resources to display Chrome pages smoothly. You can use the Windows Task Manager for shutting down background processes and applications that aren’t being used or consuming significant amounts of RAM or CPU time. Chrome will open a chrome.exe process for each tab open and background app. This can help boost performance. The Windows Update section in the instrument panel can be used to ensure that Windows is always up-to-date with the most recent patches, bug fixes, and compatibility updates.

Additional Troubleshooting

A third-party extension that runs on Chrome could be causing slow scrolling, possibly because it is trying to stop the page-rendering process. Choose ” Tools” then choose ” extensions” from Chrome’s menu. This icon looks like three stacking lines. If you see a wrench icon you know your Chrome version is outdated. To determine if the extension is having an effect, disable each one at a time. If you are still having problems, you can uninstall Chrome and then reinstall Chrome from the Chrome website. This will repair any program files that have been deleted or damaged.