Chrome 10th Anniversary

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Google Download Is Slow

Chrome OS celebrates 10th anniversary with Phone Hub, Nearby Share and several new features

New capabilities built into Chrome OS

Phone Hub
Chrome OS 89, which includes many of the most recent features, is currently being rolled out by Google. To give just one example, there was also the launch of Phone Hub. This feature will ensure that Chromebooks and Android devices can work together seamlessly. It enables you to get instant access to the features of your phone. For instance, you will respond to texts, enable a hotspot, and whatever else there is to do. You’ll also be able to monitor the health of your phone’s battery, its cell signal, and, consequently, its location from your Chromebook thanks to Phone Hub’s capabilities. The hub can be found in the far right-hand corner of the very bottom of your screen. In addition to this, it displays a few tabs from your phone and gives you the option to pick up right where you left off. You will synchronize the storage of your network passwords across all of your devices.

In order to utilize Phone Hub, you need to have the most recent version of Google Play Services installed on your phone. However, before you can continue, you will need to pair your Chromebook and Android phone together via Bluetooth.

Share From Close By

With the help of this brand-new functionality, you’ll be able to immediately transfer files between Chromebooks and other Android devices.

Taking a Screenshot

You will no longer need to remember the keyboard shortcut in order to take screenshots or record video thanks to a new tool called Screen Capture that has been introduced to the quick Settings.


This new feature hub replaces the previous one and gives you access to things that you might wish to utilize right away or on a frequent basis. In addition to being located on the left side of the Chrome OS shelf, the Tote can also be found on the right.

This latest update comes with a number of brand new features, some of which are as follows: Quick Awensers; Improved Clipboard; Revamped Icons; Media Controls; and WiFi Sync. Google has initiated the process of distributing the upgrades to its users at this time.

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User Questions

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