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Autodata 3.38 runtime error 217 at 004BB10D

I installed automatic 3.38 on Windows but was told that I must upgrade for visual c+ 2010. When I started the app, I got this error of rounding 217 in 0004BB10D

Method 1: You should perform the blank boot, and then assess.

A clean boot in Windows Vista/Windows 7 is the best way to troubleshoot an error.

NOTE: After troubleshooting, ensure that you set up the computer to start as usual as cited above in step 7.

Method 2: You can also restore this System from your computer using

System Restore will make your computer’s condition more stable than it was before. You can achieve this by selecting the right restore stage.

These steps will restore the operating systems to an earlier point in time:

A. Click Start, type System Restore in the search box, then click System restore from your program list.

When you are prompted to enter an administrator password, or affirmation, type your password and click on the Continue button.

D. Click End

Please comment below if you find the above methods useful.