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The Platform Doesn t Support This Application Msi

PUA_BROWSEFOX flagged as a Spyware

Immediately after downloading a copy of the Windows 10 ISO file to their computer, a number of Windows users have reported that their individual antivirus programmes have discovered, flagged, and blocked a spyware file called “PUA BROWSEFOX.” These detections and blockings have occurred without warning. The Windows 10 ISO file is, in all intents and purposes, the setup for Windows 10. It is the medium that will be used to install Windows 10 on any device.

The PUA BROWSEFOX file is the furthest thing imaginable from being anything close to the high-quality Windows 10 ISO file that it is possible for it to be. This file is a known virus, and it behaves in a manner similar to spyware. It is not possible to conclude that the disclosure of the PUA BROWSEFOX file immediately following the download of a Windows 10 ISO file was merely a coincidence. A significant number of people have expressed concern about this issue. This issue may have been caused by a corrupted or damaged system file, an actual viral infection, or an abnormality with the Windows 10 ISO file download. All three of these possibilities are possible explanations. If you are experiencing this issue, you are in luck since the following is a list of some of the most effective solutions that you can implement in order to deal with it and fix it:

Method 1: Perform an SFC Scan

In the event that any damaged or corrupted system files are discovered during a scan with SFC, those files will be repaired.

To access the WinX Menu, select the starting Menu button and then right-click on it.
To open an elevated prompt, go to the WinX Menu and click on the prompt (Admin) option.
At the prompt, enter sfc /scannow, and then hit the Enter button.
Hold your breath till the SFC scan finishes up. This could take some time to complete.
After the system file check with SFC has been finished, a list of all of the corrupted or damaged system files will be presented, and you will be informed that it is necessary to repair the files in question.

Method 2: Run a full system scan for viruses with the Microsoft Safety Scanner

It is possible that the Microsoft Safety Scanner is a tool that was developed expressly for the purpose of scanning systems for any security breaches and virus infestations and removing any dangers that were discovered.

You can get the Microsoft Safety Scanner by downloading it from this link.
Launch the Microsoft Safety Scanner on your computer.
You may check your entire computer for viruses and other dangers by following the directions that appear on-screen.
With the assistance of the Microsoft Safety Scanner, remove any viruses, malware, or spyware that may have been discovered.

Method 3: Delete then re-download the Windows 10 ISO file

If none of the solutions outlined above work for you, your only remaining choice is to completely remove all traces of the Windows 10 ISO file from your computer, which will cause the PUA BROWSEFOX file to be removed from your system. You can then redownload the ISO file using the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. If you delete the ISO file and then download it again, there is a good probability that the PUA BROWSEFOX spyware file will not come with it.

Find the file containing Windows 10 ISO on your computer, right-click it, and select Delete from the menu that appears.
After emptying the Recycle Bin, you can be certain that any remnants of the Windows 10 ISO file have been removed completely.
You can get the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool by downloading it from this link.
Conduct operations using the Media Creation Tool.
To create installation media for a second computer, click the Create Installation Media button.
Choose the language, edition, and architecture of your CPU (either 32 bits or 64 bits) that you want to use.
You’ll want to make sure you save the media as an ISO file.
Get the ISO file on your PC by downloading it. At this point, we can only cross our fingers and hope that it does not carry the PUA BROWSEFOX malware file along with it.

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PUA.BrowseFox Malware Detected in Version 3.1.6388 – Not True, According to User Questions

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