Broken Screen Can t Unlock Android

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Unlock Android Phone with a Broken Screen

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You are beginning to realise that the sole benefit to having control of your Android device is that the touch screen, should it become damaged, might cause a great deal of anxiety. The vast majority of individuals are under the impression that they will not be compensated in any way for getting their gadget to function once more, including being able to unlock it even if the screen is shattered or cracked. To get access to your information and create a backup copy that can be restored on a new device, you will need to find a way to unlock the device that is broken. It is crucial that you find out how to do this.

In this piece, we are going to take a look at a handful of straightforward methods that will allow you to unlock an Android device even if its screen is cracked.

Method 1: Using Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

You will need your gadget in addition to access to a personal computer in order to use this method. It’s the only reliable way to unlock a broken Android handset, and it’s the only option available. However, it will only function if you have the USB debugging feature on your Android phone set to the on position. If you haven’t already, you should skip this procedure and try the next one or the third one instead.

In order to unlock the device, you may need to use the bridge that ADB creates between your computer and the device. This is the proper way to cross the bridge.

Download the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) onto your personal computer (Step 1). you’ll download it here: Unpack the ZIP file on your personal computer.

Download all of the necessary drivers for your device in the second step. The USB drivers for your device are frequently available on the website of the device’s manufacturer.

Step 3: Open a command prompt on your personal computer and change the permissions on the ADB file. In the Command Prompt, type in the contents of the following: change directory to “C:/android/platform-tools”

Step 4: Use the provided USB cords to connect the gadget to your personal computer. To use an ADB device, enter the “ADB device” command (without quotation marks). In the event that your phone is detected, the prompt message will contain a series of numbers.

Step 5: Type in between the two commands that are listed below. You will have the opportunity to enter in the other immediately following the primary one. Simply replace 1234 with your own personal password.

1234 as the input text for the ADB shell

Event number 66 for the shell input key

Step 6: You will now be able to copy the contents of your phone, as it has been unlocked at this point.

Method 2: employing a USB Mouse and, therefore, the On the Go Adapter

If you do not have USB debugging enabled on your device, this is an ideal alternative for you to implement. You are going to require the device you want to utilise, an OTG adapter, and a USB mouse. Putting this all together requires utilising the OTG adapter to link the device to the USB mouse. Make sure to check whether or not your device is frequently connected to a USB mouse. You can get an OTG adapter on the internet. They can be utilised while being accessible at a low cost.

Because using the Mouse could drain your battery, it is important to make sure that it has a full charge before we begin. This is a simple step that you can take right now.

The first thing you need to do is connect the Micro USB end of the OTG adapter to the device you’re using. After that, connect the USB mouse to the adapter.

Step 2: You will be able to see a pointer appear on your screen as soon as the devices have been successfully connected. After that, you will make use of the pointer to either unlock the pattern lock on the device or input the password lock.

After that, you may begin the process of creating backups of the data on your device.

Method 3: Using your Samsung Account

If the display on your Samsung device is damaged in any way or if it is not functioning as it should, you can try using this approach to unlock it. You will, however, be required to create a Samsung account in order to make use of this feature, despite the fact that it is really useful. The problem is that just a small fraction of those who own Samsung smartphones have registered their products with the programme. Here’s how to utilise your account to unlock your smartphone in the extremely unlikely event that you are one of the fortunate few who have it.

Step one is to go to on your own computer or another device, and then log in using the details associated with your Samsung account.

Step 2: From the menu that appears on the left side of the screen, choose the type of device you have.

Step 3: On the sidebar, you should see an option that says “Unlock my screen.” Select that. If you click on it, you will be given instructions on how to access your device.

It is not a trustworthy position to be in if you are unable to unlock your cellphone. Therefore, we have high hopes that one of the options presented above would be successful for you. After that, you will have access to your device and can copy the files as well as the contact information. Your day-to-day activities won’t need to be disrupted in this way because you’ll be able to restore the backup onto a new device or the one you were using before the screen was mended.

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