Battlefield 6 Leaked Images

Battlefield 6 leaked images may have confirmed the game’s name

It would appear that a new Battlefield 6 escape is available every single week. Having said that, this one is quite possibly the best one so far.

A number of rumours concerning the shooter’s sixth mainline entrance have been confirmed by a number of screenshots that have made their way onto the internet that are from the upcoming announcement trailer for the game. The fact that the game will not be called Battlefield 6 is one of the details that can be gleaned from these graphics. Additionally, the setting of the game has been revealed.

These are not the first images that have been stolen from Battlefield 6, nor are they the first screenshots that have a humorous (albeit somewhat annoying) watermark superimposed on top of them. However, it was clear from looking at them that the game will have a contemporary feel with a touch of autonomy. This is a facet of the game that has been heavily hinted at for a number of months now.

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Additionally, one of those screenshots is the dashboard display that appears at the end of the preview. This lends credence to the speculation that the game will likely drop the quantity from its name and instead be referred to as simply Battlefield. Following the lukewarm reception that Battlefield V received, this could suggest that it is being considered as something of a soft reboot of the company, which is something that could be welcome.

We would normally approach these screenshots with a very healthy dose of doubt; however, they were initially posted to Tom Henderson’s Discord (then uploaded to Imgur), and the respectable leaker himself affirmed the validity of this escape. This changes our strategy significantly. In addition to that, he used Twitter as the medium to demonstrate that these screenshots are not the product of an elaborate hoax.

Although Henderson has a solid track record, until the preview is officially published, we won’t know if these pictures are real or not even though he has a good reputation. According to the Battlefield social networking accounts, this event will take place one month after a tweet that was not particularly cryptic teased that the show would begin airing in June.

It was announced that EA Play, the company’s annual live event that showcases its upcoming titles, will be returning in 2021. The next episode of the series is scheduled to air on July 22, and it is a good bet that during that episode, we will be provided with additional details about Battlefield 6 rather than Battlefield. A comprehensive gameplay demonstration and possibly even a release date are both looking very likely at this point.

Many intriguing tidbits about the sport have been leaked, despite the fact that nothing official has been announced regarding Battlefield 6, other than the fact that the game does exist and will most likely launch this season. In addition to the fact that the game will likely probably be cross-generational, beginning on either PS4 or PS5 and Xbox One or Xbox collection X, it is possible that the sport will have a “radical” single-player mode. However, another escape claims that the game will not have any single-player at all, so who knows about this one.

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Battlefield 6 may take “advantage of their Playstation games consoles and PC,” according to executives from the game’s developer, DICE; therefore, you will want to play with this if it is available. If, on the other hand, you have not yet purchased a next-generation console, you should look at our PS5 restock and Xbox collection X restock hubs in order to obtain the most recent stock information for all of these machines that are difficult to locate.