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Export Drivers Using PowerShell in Windows 10

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Using PowerShell, it is simple to export drivers from the Windows operating system. You can export all of the third-party drivers contained within a Windows image to a destination folder by using the Export-WindowsDriver cmdlet.

The drivers can be imported again whenever you need them thanks to the fact that you exported them in the first place. You will be able to rapidly install all of the necessary drivers with this backup after you have performed a clean install of Windows 10. In addition, if you deploy operating systems via making use of MDT, you will always import the drivers and then use Configuration Manager to deliver those drivers.

With the use of the Export-WindowsDriver cmdlet, you may move all of your computer’s third-party drivers to a specific folder. You can export drivers from the operating system that is now executing, or you can export drivers from an offline image.

Export-WindowsDriver Parameters

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In order to successfully execute the Export-WindowsDriver cmdlet, you will need to make use of its many options. The following is a list of some of the parameters:

–Destination – Specify a folder or directory where you would like third-party drivers to be exported to.
-Log level—This parameter allows you to set the maximum output level that is displayed in the logs.
-logpath Allows you to log the export procedure by specifying the name and location of the log file.
-Path is an option that allows you to specify the full path to the foundation directory of the offline Windows image that you will be servicing.
-WindowsDirectory – This prompt asks you to provide the relative path to the Windows directory relative to the path of the image.
-SystemDrive is a switch that specifies the path to the location where the BootMgr files are stored.
Specifies a temporary directory that will be utilised when extracting files that will be used throughout the servicing process. -ScratchDirectory is required.
PowerShell is the tool that must be used in order to export drivers from Windows.
In order to export drivers from Windows 10 utilising PowerShell

PowerShell – the way to Export drivers from Windows

Right-click the Start button on your Windows 10 computer, and then select Windows PowerShell from the menu that appears (admin).
To export the drivers to D:Drivers, enter the command Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination. The folder that will be used to export all of your computer’s third-party drivers is located in the D:Drivers directory.
Now navigate to the folder that will serve as the destination, and you will see the folders that contain the drivers.

Therefore, the next time you install Windows 10, you won’t have the opportunity to visit the manufacturer’s website in search of driver updates. You will be able to rapidly install all of the necessary drivers if you use this backup.

And as a final point, allow me to explain how the two instructions that are listed below should be used.

Use the command “Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination D:”

Drivers: When you use this command, the computer’s third-party drivers will be exported to the folder specified as the destination.
Export-WindowsDriver -Path C: is the command to use.
Windows Image -Destination D: in the command prompt.
Drivers — When you are ready to export drivers from the offline Windows image that is mounted to the destination folder, you will need to use this command.
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Use the Export programme to export drivers from an external hard disc.

You can export drivers from your system using the Powershell command that is specifically designed for this purpose.