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Google Pay just added 17 more US banks to its list of supported institutions

It is difficult to overstate the effort that Google has been putting forth to get an increasing number of businesses and organisations to sign up to work with Google Pay. A few years ago, we had a conversation about the day that its record of US banks could strike on a 2,000 that is considered to be hip — a landmark that is contemporary. And even though you might believe that it would run from banks, we are getting closer and closer to the 3,000 mark. We now have nearly a dozen banks that have joined the club, which will assist us in moving forward in the most effective manner.

Around June, we discovered that approximately 40 banks had enrolled their service, and while we still have a ways to go before we arrive at an amount, the following 11 new developments provide us with a starting point:

The Community Bank of Americana (MN)

Credit Union of the Animas (MN)

Bank of Alapaha (GA)

Financial Exchange Cooperative (CT)

The Original Harrison Bank (IN)

Frandsen Bank & Trust (MN)

Credit Union of the GPA (GA)

Glenwood State Bank (IA)

Glenwood State Bank (MN)

Bank of the Heritage Community (MO)

Bank and Trust Organization of Hiawatha (IA)

Stride Bank (OK)

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Doesn’t add up to 11 for you, either? Google Pay had previously offered support for Glenwood State Bank, but the company never specified which state that support applied to. That indicates that one of these individuals is new, but we are unable to determine which one it is at this time.

There is still about a week and a half left in the month of July, and it is becoming increasingly likely that we will reach our goal of adding 40 new banks to Google’s list. Today, Google added 17 more banks to its list, bringing the total number of banks added this month to 28.

Altamaha Bank & Trust (GA)

National Bank of Buena Vista; BVNB (IL)

Camino Federal Credit Union is the organisation (CA)

Credit Union for Century Heritage and Its Members (PA)

Concordia Bank (MO)

Federal Credit Union of Ferguson, Inc. (MS)

The First National Bank of America (OH)

Federal Credit Union of Front Royal, Inc. (VA)

Credit Union Federale Ingersoll-Rand Ingersoll-Rand (PA)

North Alabama Bank (AL)

Financial Institution Operating Within North America (MN)

Federally chartered Pathfinder Credit Union (WY)

R Bank (TX)

Roscoe State Bank (TX)

A Federal Credit Union Serving Southern Educators and Parents (LA)

Corporation of the West Shore Bank (MI)

Credit Union Federal de Wichita Falls, Inc. (TX)