Amorno Wireless Earbuds Manual

Amorno Wireless Earbuds Manual
Amorno Wireless Earbuds Manual

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Amino Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Review

It is a review of the Amorno Wireless Earbuds Manual that is shown in this image. These are wireless earbuds that can be used as funding earbuds in addition to other applications. These earbuds are the best for fitness workouts because they are lightweight. When looking for inexpensive earbuds that can be used to assist with your exercise routines, these may be the best option for you, according to our research.


[(Noise cancellation and high-definition audio quality)] It is possible to reduce echo and increase bass by using CVC 6.0 sound-canceling technologies, which are used by Amorno Wireless Earbuds Manual. Take pleasure in the high-fidelity and super-bass sound!
[(Most Stable Signal & Secure Fit Design)] [(Most Stable Signal & Secure Fit Design)] Our Authentic Wireless earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth V5.0 chipsets, which ensure a stable link and transmission of a signal. Ear tips are available in three sizes (S, M, and L) to accommodate different-sized ears. They also have a fantastic lock ear style that prevents them from falling out. These earplugs are lightweight, made of premium aero metal, and extremely comfortable due to the silicone material used. They can be worn while running, jogging, or doing just about any other activity that requires a strong grip.
[(storage container to allow for longer usage)] The battery can be charged with a small 500 mAh mobile and mini-battery charging case, which will allow you to use the wireless earpieces for up to three hours after they have been fully charged. When you go out every day, you don’t have to be concerned about running out of battery life because it is portable and easy to carry around.
[Connectivity for Multiple Functions]: Double mode: Use two cordless earbuds at the same time, for example, for 3D audio. Single-mode: Select the best option or the leftmost option. Each Bluetooth headset can be used with a maximum of two Bluetooth devices at the same time.
[(Warranty with No Hassles)] Compatible with the vast majority of Bluetooth-enabled devices, including the iPhone, Samsung, HTC, iPad Pro, and tablet computers. To receive our 12-month guarantee and have no worries after purchasing, please contact us right away!
Manual for the Amorno Wireless Earbuds, Allow your hands to be free.

Important: How to Make a Pair

Press and hold the power buttons on each earbud for 3-5 minutes, or until the white light flashes on BOTH earbuds. Wait a few minutes for the auto-match to complete.

When you win, the left earbud will have white lighting, and the ideal earbud will have white or red flashing alternately while you are waiting to pair it with your phone.

To join, open Bluetooth on your phone and search for “AMOR NO HM 2060 R,” then tap it to accept. 2nd apparatus has been attached, says the voice.
Once the earbuds are connected to your phone, turn on both earbuds to activate Bluetooth the next time you pair them. It will automatically establish a connection with your earbuds, just as it does with the majority of Bluetooth devices.


Please do not enroll in “AMOR NO. HM2060-L.” Thank you.
When making phone calls, earbuds with audio are the best option.
Important: How to Charge Your Device

If you want to charge them, keep pressing the button until they are completely inserted. Then, to control the device, close the box cap and turn the switch to the on position. You will notice that the light has turned reddish.

If the earbuds begin to glow crimson, this indicates that the charge has not been fully completed. To charge the earbuds, please press them into the charging case until the light turns red.

Specifications in terms of technology

  • The color black is a color.
  • Bluetooth version: V4.2+EDR+Dual style (V4.2+EDR+Dual style).
  • Battery for a headset
  • 40mAh/3.7V *2 (40mAh/3.7V)
  • Time spent listening to music: 2-3 hours (twins style ).
  • Time allotted for discussion: 3-4 hours (each earbud).
  • The battery for the foundation is being recharged.
  • 500mAh/3.7V
  • Enter the following values for the charging base: 5V/1000MA.
  • Zoning assistance is provided by the following organizations: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP, and SPP.
  • Valid connection (from phone to earbuds only): within 33ft of the device Package Contents

Two AMOR No Wireless Earbuds with a capacity of 40mAh each.

1 x Micro USB charging cable (not included).
1 x Charge Box with 500mAh capacity
1 x User’s Manual
2 x Couples are required. Additional Ear Tips are required for warranty purposes.

Purchase with no risk and receive a 100% money-back guarantee within 12 weeks. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.